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How to Get Physical Training Without Hurting Your Joints

How to Get Physical Training Without Hurting Your Joints

31/01/2021 EMS Training

Joints connect your bones to each other, creating motions and movements that allow the body to function efficiently throughout the day. You probably don’t think about these movements unless you’re one of those who suffer from severe joint pains, then you are well aware of each movement your joints make.

Joint pain can escalate quickly from being a minor inconvenience to making a great impact on your day-to-day life, especially if you aren’t sure how to cope with it. In fact, severe joint pain has been shown to diminish the quality of life as it leads people to become lesser active from fear of feeling pain. People with joint pain are at a higher risk of hurting through physical training or exercise. In such cases, Electrical Muscle Stimulation, also known as EMS, is a great alternative to help alleviate joint pain. Rather than heavy loads like weights or dumbbells, the training intensity in EMS comes from gentle electrical stimulation, thus avoiding additional strain on the joints or ligaments.

How EMS Impacts Your Body?

EMS is the process of using external techniques to activate the muscles and replicate messages that are sent from our brain. As you probably already know, our brain controls everything we say, do, think and feel. This means that when we feel pain, a message is sent from our sensory receptors to the spinal cord and brainstem with the help of the nerve fibres, which then send the message to the brain, where the pain sensation is processed and the pain is perceived. However, all these messages are sent within one-thousandth of a second along the neural pathways.

In EMS training, sticky pads are placed on the muscles that need to be activated and the machine is set to the appropriate frequency to mimic the brain messages that tell your muscles to contract. This is a safe, effective and targeted method to help build strength in weak and injured muscles. EMS also helps to engage the lazy muscles and stimulate blood flow to repair damaged muscles, making EMS an excellent solution for pain treatment.

Pain Relief Benefits of EMS

Essentially, EMS offers the following benefits for pain relief:

  • It strengthens weak and injured muscles without causing any strain to the joints. It is a proven solution for treating knee, ankle and back pain, among many others
  • Combined with gentle movements, EMS targets muscles in the injured area as well as builds strength in supporting muscles like the glutes
  • It offers the added benefit of maintaining the overall fitness and well-being at the same time as treating your joint pains
  • It offers fast results – Sessions are ideally only 20 minutes long and clients start seeing the benefits from the first week

At FCBS Dubai, we have a team of certified trainers and experts who can guide you throughout your EMS training. To know more about our services, reach out to us at +971 4 3255481 or email us at

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