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How To Track Your Food Intake?

How To Track Your Food Intake?

27/03/2021 Weight Loss

Are you excited to lose a significant amount of weight? Looking for some favorable services in Dubai? If yes, contacting a weight management clinic in Dubai will surely an effective way. The majority of the people in Dubai are using these clinics and losing a significant amount of weight in a safe and fast manner. However, it is important to choose a center that gives value to the feeling and money of the customers.

3 Important Facts Considered by weight management center for weight loss programs


The professionals will calculate the extra weight according to the height and lifestyle of a person.

BMI – Body Mass Index

It is the second important point to consider and measured according to the height and weight of a person. According to expert doctors, BMI can measure out the risk on the health of a person. Moreover, the medical terms “obesity” and “overweight” completely depend on the BMI scale. A person having a BMI of between 25 and 30 is called overweight. If your BMI is crossing 30, you are counted in the list of obese. The higher BMI you have, there is more the risk of a weight-linked illness. It comprises type 2 diabetes as well as heart problem. A good doctor always makes use of the BMI calculator for better results. The BMI chart prepared by the professionals remains the same for male and female adults. However, a separate chart is designed for the boys and girls under 20.

Circumference of waist

The third important point to understand for weight loss is the circumference of the waist. Basically, in the stomach area, the body fat gets deposits. It is surely risky for the health of a person. The fat builds up in the buttock and thigh area is sometimes dangerous for the healthy life of a person. To make a beginning, you can place one end of a tape measure on the top of the hipbone. You should cover the other end around your stomach to confirm that it is straight. Never kept the tape too loose or too tight. Be a balanced hormone weight loss center can help you in understanding things in a better way.

Tracking the food Intake 

Food tracking which is also known as food journaling is one of the most powerful things to reach out the healthy eating motives. The center for medical weight loss can help you in tracking the food in the best way. The expert can design the best eating styles for you.

Why track what you eat and drink in a day:

  • It helps you in understanding the eating habits.
  • Help you to know how much you are eating in a single day.
  • It helps you to build out new healthy habits and keep you on track for booming long-term change.

Journaling is not just related to judging yourself and feeling ashamed about eating more. It will help you in making the required changes in your eating habits.  FCBS is your best medical weight management clinic in Dubai and regularly helping worried clients to lose up a significant amount of weight within the quickest time possible. Get in touch with us today to know more about our weight loss programs.