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Reasons You’re Gaining Weight After Giving Birth

Reasons You’re Gaining Weight After Giving Birth

05/05/2021 Weight Loss

Postpartum weight loss varies for each woman. While it is perfectly normal to gain some weight after pregnancy, women who gain up to five to fifteen kgs are at a high risk of diabetes, hypertension, heart diseases and high blood pressure. For many new moms, it can be quite frustrating to shed off the extra lingering pounds. Since their bodies change drastically, getting back in shape can become a lot more difficult for them for many reasons.

If you’re a new mom struggling with unexplainable weight gain, here are some reasons why your body may be holding on to the calories.

Your hormones are imbalanced

When a woman gets pregnant, the placenta that starts to develop in her body produces a hormone called Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG), which is vital in protecting the development of the baby. Entering directly into the bloodstream, HCG starts taking control of body functions like digestion, metabolism, energy and nutrition distribution.

You may have a thyroid condition

Some women develop low thyroid levels after pregnancy, which can contribute to rapid weight gain. Getting a thyroid test is recommended to identify if your abnormal thyroid level could be playing a role in your weight gain.

You’re not getting adequate sleep

Women who don’t get enough sleep are prone to gain weight. Studies have shown that women who sleep less than five hours a night are three times more likely to keep their baby weight postpartum, and sometimes even gain weight.

Your body is still healing

Many women gain gestational weight after giving birth. And if the body is still healing from delivery, they may struggle with low energy levels and lack of sleep until the body fully recovers.

You’re dehydrated

Dehydration is one of the biggest reasons for weight gain among most women. Experts say that you should be drinking at least half your body weight in ounces per day. Staying hydrated helps in the proper functioning of the body and has a great impact on the metabolism, gut health and energy levels. It also makes you less likely to overeat.

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