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Self-Isolation Fitness: Exercising with EMS

Self-Isolation Fitness: Exercising with EMS

06/05/2021 EMS Training

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused disruptions in our everyday lives. As our routines change to adjust to the new norms, so do our fitness habits. The benefits of exercising are no secret. Weight loss, musculoskeletal strength, improved cardiovascular health and better regulation of blood sugar are some of the significant ones. But with limited access to fitness facilities, there is a dire need among people — now more than ever — to maintain their health and fitness using other safer ways.

What if we said that there is a way for you to get back in shape without dedicating hours at the gym?

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) training offers a way for you to continue your fitness regimen while practicing social distancing. At a gym setting, people exercise and sweat in a confined space. Solo workouts can be a great alternative to this. EMS training provides a cutting-edge personalized workout structure that is led by a certified personal trainer. Twenty minutes of EMS training equates to a two-hour high-intensity gym workout; meaning you get your EMS workout done in lesser the time you spend at the gym.

What is EMS Training?

EMS, or e-stim, is a type of physical training that involves a wearable device that can be attached to the body. The device helps to stimulate your muscles by sending mild electric impulses to the muscles through tiny electrodes.

EMS has been used for years as a part of injury recovery & rehabilitation programs for strengthening weak muscles and correcting imbalances. But now it is also making its mark in the fitness world, helping individuals burn more calories and tone their bodies in minimal time and with minimal effort.

Physical therapists use localized belts or conduction pads to deliver electrical stimulation to the muscles that are weak or to joints that lack range of motion. During a workout, e-stim is typically delivered to larger areas of the body instead of focusing on specific body parts. You’re already engaging your muscles as you exercise. However, the electrical impulses not only force your muscles to further contract but also recruit dormant muscles, thus ensuring maximum muscle engagement.

The workouts can range from cardio to strength training to fat burning exercises. This training method makes both the surface muscles as well as deeper muscles work at the same time. The impulses do not cause any discomfort to the muscles or the skin. The device is specially designed to help loosen your stiff muscles so they can recover and tone up faster.

Benefits of working out with electrical muscle stimulation

  • Suitable method for accelerating metabolism and losing weight
  • Helps save time so you can fit your workouts into your busy schedule
  • Allows you to use muscles that practically do not work during normal workouts
  • Enables you to improve performance by increasing your speed, stamina and other strength indicators

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