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Easy Ways to Break Through Weight Loss Plateau

Easy Ways to Break Through Weight Loss Plateau

23/05/2021 Weight Loss

Achieving your goal weight can be tough. While at first, weight loss happens fairly faster, at some point it may seem like your weight hasn’t budged any further despite continued efforts in eating healthy and exercising. This stall in progress is known as weight loss plateau and it can be quite discouraging, causing people to sometimes abandon their healthy lifestyle altogether.

There are several approaches that can help you kickstart your weight loss again. Here are some easy ways to break through the plateau.

1. Increase exercise frequency
Your metabolic rate slows down as you lose weight, making continued weight loss extremely challenging. A weight loss plateau can be reversed by revving up your exercise regimen. The more you exercise, the more your fitness level improves over time. So, if you continue exercising with the same frequency throughout your weight loss journey, you will stop challenging your body at some point. It is necessary to increase the frequency of your workouts every few months to continue seeing results.

2. Lift heavier weights
Sometimes, trying too many different things can also make you hit a weight loss plateau. When it comes to weight training, one of the most effective techniques is the 8-12-8 method, where you keep your reps less but increasing the intensity. Choose a weight wherein you reach muscle failure in 8-12 reps. Once you’re able to do 12 reps, increase the weight until you’re back to 8 reps. This helps to build muscle and speed up the metabolism. 

3. Track everything you eat
People often underestimate the amount of food they eat, which can cause them to overeat without realizing it. Tracking your eating and drinking patterns can help you become fully aware of where unnecessary calories may be coming from. This will allow you to align your diet with your weight loss goals.

4. Don’t skip your proteins
Increasing your protein intake may help to keep your metabolism running. Protein helps to boost calorie burning by 20–30%, which is more than twice as much as carbs or fat. It also accelerates the production of hormones like PYY, which help reduce appetite and make you feel full and satisfied for long.

5. Try intermittent fasting
Intermittent fasting involves not eating at a stretch for a certain period of time, typically between 14 and 20 hours, and restricting the daily eating window to the remaining hours. Several studies have shown this practice to promote body weight loss in addition to many other health benefits.

6. Get an LPG treatment
One of the major reasons why your weight loss may have stalled is because perhaps stress is interfering with your progress. Stress can affect hormones, mood, appetite and metabolism. Incorporating deep-tissue massage therapies like LPG treatment will not only support weight loss but can also form an integral part of your self-care practice. It is a great way to unplug and relax while getting your body in shape. To know more about our LPG service, call us on +971 4 3255481 or email us at

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