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Five Things You Should Know About Sports Rehab

Five Things You Should Know About Sports Rehab

25/05/2021 Physiotherapy

Sports rehabilitation is a multidisciplinary approach to treating and preventing injuries that are sustained through sports activities. Athletes, whether professional or amateur, work with a sports rehabilitation program to build resilience, improve strength & mobility, enhance sports performance and maintain their quality of life.

While the key roles of sports therapy are pain relief and injury prevention, there are various other benefits it offers that you may not be aware of.

1. The treatment plans are custom-fitted to specific customers

A sports injury physiotherapist will often work one-on-one with their clients to structure a training plan that is explicit to their shortcomings and current or past injury confinements. They create a plan that helps the client to arrive at their maximum capacity while building the strength and mobility of their bones, ligaments, joints and muscles.

2. It promotes relaxation

While sports rehab is focused around assessing and managing a wide range of injuries, it also contributes to having a sound and relaxed mind, thus facilitating both physical and psychological healing. The hands-on therapy incorporates therapeutic intervention that helps in not only recovering from injuries but also addressing psychological problems like anxiety, depression, insomnia or stress, thereby making a well-rounded sports individual.

3. It increases muscle and joint flexibility

Increasing the flexibility of muscles and joints is the essence of sports rehabilitation. It typically involves a program designed to engage the joints and muscles for increased mobility, improved blood circulation to joint structures, increased neuromuscular coordination and reduced muscular tightness. Improving flexibility also results in forestalling possible injuries in future.

4. It significantly improves balance

Many injuries are caused by falls or impact, but some can also be caused by a misstep. A number of factors can lead to having poor balance, from misalignment in the spine to issues with the inner ear. Sports rehab therapists are specialized in identifying problematic causes of poor balance and can help assist their clients in correcting posture issues, adjusting their balance and even correcting dysfunction in the inner ear’s vestibular system.

5. It encourages a proper balance between rest and activity

While it is vital to start moving your injured area as soon as possible, you should also take time to rest after an injury. Taking proper rest helps in speeding up healing and recovery. A sports physiotherapist can help guide you on the appropriate balance between resting and rehabilitation.

Sports injury rehabilitation with FCBS Dubai

At FCBS Dubai, we use the latest techniques and equipment to treat your injuries. We offer customised sports rehab services with full transparency along the way. We specialise in a range of treatments for sports injury, muscle strain, sprain, tendon & ligament repair, tendonitis, hand injury, shoulder dislocation, foot & ankle dysfunction and post-surgical rehabilitation. If you struggle with chronic injuries or would like a consultation for an injury that has been bothering you, let us give you the confidence to improve your recovery and progress. Book an appointment with us today to avail our sports injury rehabilitation services.

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