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Busy Lifestyle Causing Shoulder Pain? Try These Pain Relief Tips

Busy Lifestyle Causing Shoulder Pain? Try These Pain Relief Tips

26/05/2021 Pain Treatment

A majority of the population these days leads a sedentary life, which has resulted in an increasing number of individuals across all age groups experiencing body pain, especially in the shoulder, neck and back. This makes it essential for individuals to prioritise their physical health. The cause of pain should be determined before it worsens, and suitable remedies or treatment options should be selected. Early treatment is important in case of severe injuries or chronic pain. For sore muscles and minor pain, some simple pain relief remedies can help in speedy recovery.

Here are some ways you can relieve shoulder pain.

1. Cold compress

Cold compress helps to numb sharp pains in the shoulder and reduce swelling. Place an ice pack on your shoulders for 20 minutes, five times a day. You can use ice cubes wrapped in a clean cloth, a frozen gel pack, or a bag of frozen peas. You can also massage your shoulders with ice. However, ice should not be left in direct contact with the skin for over 5 minutes as it can cause frostbite.

2. Compression bandage

Another way to help reduce swelling and pain is to wrap your shoulder with a medical compression bandage. You can use a regular bandage or a cold compression bandage. You can also get a shoulder wrap from a pharmacy. Ensure that the bandage is wrapped well but not too tightly as it may block blood flow.

3. Heat therapy

Heat helps to soothe stiff shoulders and relax tense muscles. Use a heated gel pack, electric heating pad or a hot water bottle on your shoulder for up to 20 minutes. Research shows us that our bodies respond better to medium heat levels than intense heat levels. So, a mild hot shower for about 5 to 10 minutes can also help to relieve shoulder pain.

4. Salt bath

Salts are soothing to the skin and can help relax muscles, especially if you are experiencing cramping pain. Fill a bathtub with warm water and add Epsom salt. Soak immersed in the tub for around 10 to 15 minutes. You can also add essential oils to the water for a more relaxing bath.

5. Shoulder stretches and exercises

Regular stretches and motion exercises can keep your shoulder strong and flexible. However, it is important to closely monitor your pain while exercising. Stop your exercise if the shoulder pain seems to elevate and watch your form at all times, as incorrect forms can worsen the pain. Always warm up your muscles before exercising through gentle movements or light shoulder rolls.

6. Massage

Massage can help address your pain points and allows you to recuperate much faster. It is highly beneficial for relaxing your muscles, strengthening your joints and increasing flexibility in the bones.

At FCBS Dubai, we have a team of experts that are trained in shoulder pain relief massage therapy and will address your pain with utmost care after a thorough analysis of your condition. To know more about our pain relief services, call us on +971 4 3255481 or email us at

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