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Role of Physiotherapy in Women’s Health

Role of Physiotherapy in Women’s Health

26/05/2021 Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy plays a vital role in a woman’s health. Women who neglect their health can face a number of complications as they age. Research shows that physiotherapy is an effective means to reduce the chances of health issues. Women’s health physiotherapy refers to the non-surgical therapy that addresses various health problems that are specific to women. Females of all ages – from young athletes to childbearing women to menopausal & elderly women – can benefit from physiotherapy.

Here are a few health benefits that physiotherapy can offer to women:

1. Pregnancy

Many women experience lower back pain during pregnancy. Physiotherapy is an effective way to manage lower back pains through back and pelvic stabilization exercises, like the pelvic floor therapy, which focuses on the pelvic floor muscle group, ligaments and connective tissues that support various pelvic functions. It also helps prepare your body for labour and reduce potential injuries to the pelvic area.

2. Postnatal

After giving birth, women often face issues with pelvic organ prolapse, pelvic pain and c-section scar issues, among others. Physiotherapy is important post-natal to help strengthen your potentially strained, stretched and often torn pelvic muscles. It also helps women to safely return to exercise. Starting exercise too soon or too advanced can cause injuries.

3. Premenstrual syndrome

A physiotherapist assesses the physical effects that PMS has on your body as well as the risk factors that can worsen them. Premenstrual physiotherapy typically includes relaxation point stimulation, electrotherapy or manual therapy to reduce stress and associated discomfort such as headaches.

4. Heart diseases

A physiotherapist can help prevent the onset of heart diseases by designing a treatment program that addresses all the contributing factors of this disease, such as smoking, weight and cholesterol levels. Moreover, there are various cardiac rehabilitation programs for patients who have had a heart attack or other heart diseases.

5. Obesity

Physiotherapy plays a huge role in preventing or managing weight issues. Obesity can restrict movement and affect daily physical tasks and activities. A treatment plan for an obese patient may comprise lifestyle changes, prescription, supervision, and engagement in physical activities to increase muscle strength and flexibility as well as to accelerate or maintain weight loss under safe conditions.

6. Depression & anxiety

Exercise has been known to benefit individuals with mild to moderate mental health conditions concerning depression and anxiety. Our body releases endorphins while exercising, which are responsible for reducing pain and improving our mood. These endorphins can also help lower cortisol levels that are often high in patients with depression. Since physical health is intrinsically tied to mental health, prioritizing your body will also improve your mood.

Women’s Health Physiotherapy with FCBS Dubai:

FCBS Dubai offers physiotherapy services to help women address various health issues. We have a team of experts to assess the condition and concerns of clients and review their detailed history to understand their health goals. The assessment is then tailored according to their unique needs and a personalised treatment plan is designed to ensure their speedy recovery and improved wellbeing. To book an appointment with us, call us on +971 4 3255481 or email us at

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