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Is Changing Diet Enough For Weight Loss?

Is Changing Diet Enough For Weight Loss?

31/05/2021 Weight Loss

Obesity is a common health occurrence and one of the most pressing issues for many. While losing weight can bring about significant health benefits, it can be a frustrating and difficult task. Many people turn to different approaches for weight loss — exercise and dietary changes being the most common ones. However, factors such as metabolism, genetics, hormones, lifestyle, and body type also play a key role in weight loss. Due to this, relying solely on any one approach can sometimes prove to be ineffective.

For instance, a calorie deficit will help you lose weight effortlessly at first but can slow the body down over time and hamper your weight loss progress. Often, lifestyle changes and behavioral modifications are not enough to drop a significant amount of weight and keep it off. Obesity can be accompanied by health problems like fatigue and bloating, which can require professional attention. Where exercise and diet fail to give the desired result, professional weight loss treatments can help in breaking through the plateau and getting things moving again.

Weight Loss Service at FCBS

FCBS Dubai believes in safe and healthy methods for losing weight. One of the methods we have adopted is massage therapy. A relaxing massage is all you can ask for after a tiring week, but did you know that certain massages also aid in weight loss and reduce cellulite? Studies show that combining a balanced diet with massage therapy can help in faster, long-term weight loss. And for years, people struggling with obesity and weight issues have found relief with these methods. A massage treatment facilitates the body’s circulatory system by directing the movement of blood towards the body tissues and increasing the flow of oxygen the muscles get. This, in turn, helps to improve metabolism and make the skin look younger and healthier.

Apart from weight loss, massage therapy also offers health advantages such as:

  • Muscle flexibility
  • Stress relief
  • Decreased anxiety
  • Reduced muscle soreness
  • Reduced back pain
  • Improved range of motion
  • Improved mental state
  • Better sleep pattern

Complementary Diet Plans

Many diet plans make considerable weight-loss claims. While some are safe, effective, and backed by evidence, many are not. This makes it difficult to differentiate the safe diet plans from unsafe ones. Moreover, health professionals, dietitians, and nutritionists agree that dieting alone can lead to poor health and further weight gain, and the best results tend to come from combining balanced diet plans with different weight loss approaches, like massage therapy or exercise regime.

Talking with a professional about your weight loss goals is an important first step. We have trained professionals at our center in Dubai to guide you throughout your program and help you keep track of your progress. Our experts also provide complimentary European and Indian diet plans to help you achieve your weight loss goals as well as maintain a suitable weight after the treatment.

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