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Is EMS Really the Magic Workout it is Hyped to Be?

Is EMS Really the Magic Workout it is Hyped to Be?

31/05/2021 EMS Training

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS), commonly known as e-stimulation, is a full-body training technique that involves the triggering of muscle contraction through electrical stimulation. It sends mild electrical pulses through the skin by stimulating injured muscles or manipulating the nerves for pain relief. Considered as one of the most effective passive workouts, EMS strengthens, tones and firms the muscles to help achieve a well-sculpted body.

How does it work?

When you’re training your muscles, there is a lot of wear and tear that happens to the muscles, which the body takes 2 days to recover from. EMS uses the same principle of muscle training. It uses electrical stimulation to mimic the action of signals that are released from the neurons (cells in the nervous system). These electrical currents target either the muscles or nerves. While the body takes 2 days to recover from a conventional workout, in EMS training, the body takes 4 to 5 days to recover. And during that time, the body continues to burn calories to recover the muscles, thus making the workout much more effective.

As EMS training involves the use of gentle electrical pulses rather than heavy loads such as dumbbells or weights, there is no stress on the joints or ligaments. If done on a regular basis, EMS helps to burn excess fat, gain and strengthen muscles and increase the body’s metabolism. It works to stimulate all large muscle groups with high intensity at the same time, thus helping the body to tone faster.

Benefits of EMS

EMS training offers a wide range of benefits, some of which include weight loss and fat reduction, improved blood circulation, muscle strengthening & stimulation, improved mobility and body toning. It also promotes high level of metabolic activity during — and many hours after — the training. In women, EMS training has proven to reduce fats from the hips, waist and thighs, while simultaneously toning up the chest and arm muscles.

The most significant benefit of EMS training, however, is that it saves time. EMS training enables performance improvements in just 20 minutes, which otherwise are barely achieved in 60 minutes of gym training. It also helps the muscles to increase contractions and work together, allowing you to use up to 90% of your physical potential. Whereas, conventional training uses only 40 – 70% of the strength.

Moreover, EMS training helps to release muscular tension by improving blood circulation throughout the muscles. In sports such as football, athletics, swimming and competitive cycling, EMS training maximizes the strength and endurance of muscles. It also helps to correct postural imbalances that can hamper performance, as the program is designed to allow selective targeting of particular muscle groups.

EMS training with FCBS Dubai

At FCBS Dubai, we have team of certified trainers and experts to offer clients the best possible outcomes. If you’re interested in EMS as a tool for pain relief or muscle conditioning, reach out to us today to know more about your options and how to proceed safely.

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