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Know How LPG Helps in Shaping Your Body

Know How LPG Helps in Shaping Your Body

31/05/2021 LPG Lipomassage

LPG endermologie is an all-natural, mechanical treatment for reshaping and toning the face and body. Based on the mechano-stimulation principle, the technology was engineered in France. It was originally designed as a form of physical therapy to heal scar tissue by conditioning the skin to trigger collagen production. But overtime, it was discovered that the treatment offered several therapeutic and aesthetic benefits too. In the process of stimulating connective tissue, the treatment helps to reduce water retention, improve circulation and relieve muscle tension & spasms while increasing the overall functional mobility. LPG endermologie has quickly gained widespread popularity in Dubai as one of the most beneficial treatments for body sculpting, reducing imperfections and combating cellulite.

The science behind LPG

The LPG endermologie treatment head is fitted with Motorized Pulsating Flaps (MPF) for the face and Independent Motorized Rollers (IMR) for the body. The suction chamber between the motorized rollers applies aspiration to the tissue fold and improves blood circulation to the area. It also has a set of treatment protocols implemented to personalize the treatments according to the different needs of the clients. LPGĀ is the first technology worldwide to be cleared by FDA and comply with all international quality standards. Moreover, the benefits of LPG treatment have been backed by more than 145 reputable scientific studies.

Lipomassage for the body

For the body, lipomassage features a unique patented roller movement that simultaneously works inwards, outwards and upwards to manipulate the skin. This is especially effective for people who battle with stubborn fat deposits (muffin tops, saddlebags, love handles), flabby skin (post pregnancy, rapid weight loss) or cellulite. The lipomassage technique reactivates the fat release process known as lipolysis to break down localized fats that are often resistant to diet and exercise and drain out impurities in the body, while also stimulating collagen and elastin.

Endermolift for the face

The endermolift treatment is designed for the face as well as chest, neck and hands. This treatment involves a series of gentle but effective rhythmic movements to bring the benefits of LPG endermologie to smaller areas, such as the face. In this treatment, motorized flapsĀ are used to awaken the natural synthesis of essential rejuvenating substances. This cell stimulation then helps the rejuvenating cells to boost their production ofĀ elastin, collagen andĀ hyaluronic acid, which are naturally present in our skin. This tool has two outer flaps that provide sequential pulsing and vacuuming. The targeted cell stimulation helps to make the skin appear more youthful by smoothing out wrinkles and lightening dark circles under the eyes. It also helps to improve the jaw structure, reduce double chin and tighten any loose skin.

Endermologie is an intelligent, responsible and healthy option for body shaping and facial contouring. This treatment can help you preserve your face and body from the ravages of time. We provide suitable treatment plans based on the different needs of each client, with visible results showing in just six treatments. To know more about the treatment, book an appointment with us today!