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Exercise Vs. Weight Loss Program in Dubai

Exercise Vs. Weight Loss Program in Dubai

19/08/2021 Blog

There is no one-size-fits-all rule for healthy weight loss. With an abundance of options available in Dubai, which one you decide upon comes down to your personal preferences, lifestyle and health condition. While rigorous exercises and strict diet plans work for some, for others this may not align with their busy schedule.

Moreover, exercising cannot always help in removing fat from certain areas in the body, no matter how hard you try. Spot reduction is more achievable through weight loss programs, such as those involving the LPG Endermologie treatment.

So, the big question is, what is better for your long-term health — exercise or weight loss program in Dubai? Let’s explore.

Exercise accounts for a small portion of the daily calorie burn.

The thing with exercising is that it is only one aspect of weight loss. There are many other components involved when it comes to energy expenditure. One of them is the Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), which is the energy expended for basic functioning when the body is at rest. Another is your calorie intake through food. Factors such as stress level, sleep quality and other lifestyle habits like smoking or drinking can also be some deciding factors for how much weight you lose.

It is tough to create a significant calorie deficit through exercise.

Focusing only on exercising is unlikely to give significant weight loss results. This stands particularly true for an obese or overweight person. Relying solely on exercise will take a lot of time and efforts to reach your goals. Moreover, researchers have found that with exercise, our bodies reach a plateau after a certain point, where working out more does not necessarily mean burning extra calories.

Weight loss program is a great way to seek professional guidance.

Diet and exercise have become the focal point for most people’s weight loss attempts. In a weight loss program, the plan is created and supervised by a health expert. A typical program consists of state-of-the-art treatment along with nutrition counselling. The expert offers helpful tools and tips to keep you on track. Most importantly, they help you to identify what hampers your weight loss goals and the mistakes you should avoid making.

Weight loss programs are personalized to suit your unique needs.

One of the main advantages of a weight loss program in Dubai is that it is unique for each individual. Each client’s weight, lifestyle, activity level and overall health are unique to them. So, the goals set are specific to the needs of the person and changes are made depending on their preferences.

FCBS offers a weight loss program in Dubai that helps clients to lose weight safely and keep from gaining it back after the treatment. While exercise alone is difficult to sustain over time, coupling it with a weight loss program can give you the best results and speed up your progress.

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