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Five Most Effective Methods for Holistic Weight Loss in Dubai

Five Most Effective Methods for Holistic Weight Loss in Dubai

03/09/2021 Blog

Obesity is often associated with both, physical and mental factors. However, a basic weight loss approach is mainly based on nutrition and physical activity. When we simply focus on the physical aspect, our efforts to achieve a healthy lifestyle usually goes in vain. Studies show that many people continue having low self-esteem or poor mental health even after reaching their goal weight.

A holistic weight-loss technique, unlike the basic method, approaches a person as a whole being, taking into consideration various factors like lifestyle, habits, environment and mental health. If you’re looking to incorporate a holistic weight-loss approach into your life, here are the five most effective methods you must consider.

1. Focus on a healthy lifestyle overall.

The way we live our life directly affects the state of our health. Harmful habits like smoking and alcohol consumption can have a significant impact on health. Poor eating habits can also cause changes in our hormones and enzymes, resulting in tiredness and chronic fatigue. Environmental factors like pollution, in combination with everyday stress, can cause weight gain as well. Nutritious diet, hydration, relaxation and sleep quality are the most important lifestyle practices we must focus on.

2. Include physical activities that you can enjoy.

Any effort to lose weight will be incomplete and less successful if not combined with a form of activity. Physical activity not only improves our metabolism and burns calories but also strengthens the muscles, improves blood circulation, boosts energy levels and directly influences our mental health. One must find a workout regimen that fits their needs and can be truly enjoyed in the long run.

3. Address your health conditions.

Existing health problems can be a contributing factor to weight gain or obesity. Problems like diabetes, inflammations, food allergies, etc. can be an indication that your body has excess toxic build-up. Addressing and rectifying this can help you feel healthier and understand better what your body needs.

4. Have a clear vision of your goals.

People who have a clear vision and saner mind for weight loss see far better results than those who just do it to look better. Aim for behavioural goals instead of just weight goals. Don’t try to overhaul your behaviour all at once. Instead, start small and let those changes build gradually. Focus on not just becoming thinner but also healthier, stronger and fitter.

05. Book a therapeutic massage session with FCBS Dubai.

Getting a massage is one of the most relaxing ways to boost your weight loss results. A good massage can help you detox your body, reduce stress and support muscle recovery after a rigorous workout. It can also increase your range of motion, making it easier to perform a variety of exercises. Instead of resorting to cheat-meal rewards, a massage is a healthier way to treat yourself.

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