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How To Manage Menopause with Physiotherapy?

How To Manage Menopause with Physiotherapy?

07/09/2021 Blog

Women transitioning into menopause go through various physical, psychological and social changes. Weight gain may become a concern, weakening of bones is often an issue and pelvic organ prolapse symptoms may occur. Sleep quality and mood can also be affected due to hot flushes.

While these changes are inevitable, preventative measures like lifestyle modifications, dietary changes, annual health check and physiotherapy can go a long way.

In this article, we outline how women can manage the symptoms of menopause with physiotherapy.

Why physiotherapy for menopause?

There are various symptoms of menopause, and they all vary from one woman to another. Many women experience mild symptoms that can easily be treated with lifestyle changes, like avoiding caffeine or exercising regularly. Some women don’t require any treatment at all. Meanwhile, 0ther women may experience more problematic symptoms.

Physiotherapy can be extremely beneficial in helping women analyze the effects of these symptoms on their bodies and take the most appropriate measures for managing them.

What are the benefits of menopausal physiotherapy?

A recent study conducted in the UAE suggests that the mean knowledge percentage of menopause among Emirati women was 40.56, which is an indication of a low level of knowledge about menopause, especially about the associated heart diseases.

Physiotherapy plays an essential role in educating women on menopausal symptoms that are often put off due to embarrassment or ignorance. A physiotherapist is equipped to provide you with expert advice and management strategies to ensure that menopause has as little impact on your daily life and activities as possible. They also recommend relevant lifestyle changes to improve your overall quality of life, manage weight, improve sleep quality and manage your stress and anxiety levels.

How can physiotherapy help you?

In essence, physiotherapy can help you in the following ways:

  • You work alongside a physiotherapist to help identify the best course of treatment.
  • You get a personalised program with appropriate stretches and exercises.
  • You can seek collective support for your emotional and physical health.

Physiotherapy is crucial in treating symptoms like insomnia, obesity and hot flashes. It also helps to treat osteoporosis, a condition where the bones gradually become fragile and weak. Osteoporosis can lead to a high risk of fractures and injuries, which can have harmful effects on your mobility and overall health.

Physiotherapy offers specific exercises that are focused on improving muscle strength and control around the joints. This results in decreased strain on the joints. A typical session entails stretches, aerobic exercises and therapeutic massages. A physiotherapist carries out a comprehensive assessment to prescribe specific exercises depending on the individual’s condition.

Women’s physiotherapy with FCBS Dubai.

Very few women seek support for menopausal symptoms. Yet, it can be transformative to talk about it with a professional and get appropriate guidance. FCBS Dubai is a specialist in women’s health physiotherapy.

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