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Postnatal Recovery During the Pandemic

Postnatal Recovery During the Pandemic

08/09/2021 Blog

Having a baby is a time of excitement and anticipation. While nothing can change that, there is no denying that the COVID-19 pandemic has led to less-than-normal experiences for new moms. For all of the challenges they may have had to face during their pregnancy, postnatal recovery can be just as difficult — impacting their health, both physically and emotionally.

Research shows that with the pandemic rolling along into its second year, 93% of working mothers have reported feeling burnt out. To support new moms while they navigate this time, we have put together helpful tips to ease their postnatal recovery journey.

01. Connect with others.

Social distancing after giving birth can make you feel isolated. Typically, new parents seek out external help and social support, but the pandemic has made it challenging for friends and family members to provide their support during this time. However, the next best thing can be to connect with loved ones through video chats or social media.

02. Take regular breaks.

In the process of attending to the needs of your baby, you can sometimes forget about your own needs. Remember to take breaks and rest as much as you can. Try sleeping when the baby sleeps. Find time for yourself when your family members or friends watch the baby.

03. Seek help.

For many individuals, the pandemic has clouded this time with fear, anxiety and uncertainty. If you’ve had a history of depression before, you may be at higher risk for postpartum depression. But the pandemic shouldn’t stop you from seeking support. Many doctors and mental health providers are accessible online and continue to provide their services and assistance through video or phone.

04. Seek out enjoyable things to do.

New moms tend to feel guilty when taking time for themselves to relax and do other things. As a busy mom, you can certainly have time for your own personal hobby. Find something that you can work into your schedule. Or something that doesn’t require substantial time commitment. You can start with a 10-minute walk, a warm bath or reading your favourite book.

05. Spend time in nature.

While the pandemic calls for careful safety measures, remember stepping outdoors once in a while to get some sunlight and fresh air. Avoid staying disconnected from the outside world for too long. Have your precautions in place and plan therapeutic activities like spending time in nature or meeting up with a friend in a cafe.

06. Book services for postpartum self-care.

FCBS is a popular choice among new moms in Dubai. We offer services such as postnatal physiotherapy and weight loss programs to help women improve their physical health, achieve a better body shape and get their confidence back in no time. Our professionals are certified, well-trained and kept abreast with all advanced technologies that are used in various postnatal programs.

To know more about our postnatal services in Dubai, call us on +971 4 3255481 or email us at

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