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Tips to Improve Your Sleep Quality

Tips to Improve Your Sleep Quality

08/09/2021 Blog

Quality sleep is a foundation for good health and a content frame of mind. It is just as essential as regular exercise and a healthy diet. Studies show that poor sleep can directly affect our hormones, exercise performance and brain function. It can also cause weight gain and increase the risk of diseases. On the contrary, a good night’s sleep can help us lose weight and improve our health.

Numerous factors can interfere with our sleep quality — from work stress and family responsibilities to poor lifestyle and unexpected health challenges. While we may not be able to control these external factors that interfere with our sleep, we can implement habits that promote better sleep. Here are some evidence-based tips to help you sleep better at night.

1. Create a restful environment.

Your bedroom should be free of stress and distractions. While creating the right environment is a matter of personal preference, sleep experts suggest optimizing the room setting by minimizing external noise, external light and artificial lights from devices like cell phones. Numerous studies indicate that external noise, often from traffic, can cause poor sleep and long-term health issues.

2. Choose a comfortable bedding. 

Comfortable pillows and mattress are the most important for a restful sleep. The pillow you choose may depend on your sleep preference. If you tend to sleep on your side, consider a pillow that can comfortably support your head, neck, and shoulder. If you sleep on your back, you must choose a thinner pillow that can reduce stress on your neck.

3. Optimize your sleep schedule.

Taking control of your daily sleep schedule is also an essential step towards improving your sleep quality. Set a fixed time to wake up every day. If you’re constantly waking up at different times, your body can find it difficult to get accustomed to a healthy sleep routine. Moreover, if you already have trouble falling asleep at night, you may want to avoid napping. While short power naps have their benefits, long and irregular hours of nap can confuse your internal clock, hampering your night sleep.

4. Wind down at the end of your day.

Practicing relaxation techniques before bedtime has been shown to treat insomnia and improve sleep quality. Especially after a stressful day, it is important to allow time in the evening to unwind before heading to bed. Even small changes can help to calm your busy mind, like listening to relaxing music, reading a book, taking a hot bath or meditating. Many studies have shown that a relaxing massage can also drastically improve sleep quality in people.

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