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5 Surprising benefits of Facials

5 Surprising benefits of Facials

11/10/2021 Blog

With stressful lifestyle and increased pollution our bodies are always under stress. The major signs of pollution and stress are even visible on your face too. One of the solutions to overcome the visibility of stress on face to opt for facials. Facials are usually considered as a beauty treatment, however it debatably has more to offer. Below are some of the benefits that facial offers:

01. Improve Blood Circulation:

Massaging the face or any body part for that matter, improves the blood circulation. As blood circulation increases, the cells of skin will gain more nutrients and oxygen. It will speed up the process of cell rejuvenation. Hence, the skin quality will improve when you opt for regular facials.

02. Reduce sign of stress:

In today’s nerve-wracking lifestyle, it is crucial to protect the skin. If one ignores this thing, the signs of stress will accelerate. One of the most effective ways to do so is to opt for the facial once or twice a month. Face massages will accelerate the production of collagen under your skin.  It will help you get younger looking skin and reduce the visible signs of stress. Many facials use ingredients from fruits and organic stuff which provides all essential nutrients to your skin. Our face consists of various pressure points. While doing a facial, these pressure points get massaged. The massaging of these pressure points decreases the level of stress in your body. A facial is not just appropriate for getting that glow of skin but also for reducing the level of stress in your body.

03. Cleanse your Skin:

When you get a facial treatment from a professional, it will deeply cleanse your skin. One can do a facial at home as well, but it is much more effective when done by a professional. The facial treatment provided depends on skin to skin. Depending on your skin, the professional will recommend you the suitable facial treatment. The expert also get the facial done in a step-by-step process along with steaming to thoroughly cleanse your skin. As a result, in a single session, you will be able to notice the difference. Once your skin is cleanse properly, your face will start to glow. The cleansing of the skin is one of the most important benefits of the facial.

04. Skin Detoxification:

Same as detoxification of our body, our skin also needs proper transformation. Over the time, you can suffer from acne and breakouts. Facials can provide you with relief from all of these problems by detoxifying your skin. Even when one opt for natural and organic facials, it includes plenty of antioxidants which help in the detoxification of the skin. Furthermore, facials consist of essential oils and herbal extracts which speed up the detoxification process. After this process, you can get radiant and glowing skin. It will be more elastic which will reduce wrinkles.

05. Sinus Pressure:

As long as it’s not an infectious case or during a severe stage of sinusitis, you can use massage to relieve sinus pressure, congestion and discomfort. Sinus massage may also benefit in promoting the drainage of mucus, alleviate headaches, and boost circulation.

It is always recommended seeing a doctor or massage therapist for a facial massage or if you’d like to address specific medical concerns. They can also recommend any additional treatments for your skin. The massages therapists of FCBS are DHA certified and possess the skill and expertise to tailor the facial massage to your specific needs. We provide LPG facials. To know more about our services in Dubai, call us on +971 4 3255481 or email us at

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