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How to achieve a Work – Life balance as a Working Woman

How to achieve a Work – Life balance as a Working Woman

19/10/2021 Beauty Tips

As a working women, we run big organizations and they depends on us. But for a lot of us, we take care of our families too and their lives revolves around us too as we are the one who takes care of our loved ones. Somewhere in the middle of this constant juggling of personal and professional responsibilities and commitments, it gets challenging to find a balance.

To maintain a Work-Life balance for a working woman may sound puzzling, but for a better mental health and to live life to the fullest this needs to be resilience. One can try and blend professional life with personal life and stay on top of the things by following the below tips:

01. Set your Priorities Straight :

In order to strike the right work –life balance, it is vital to have your priorities in order. Just ask yourself what cannot be compromised and what is nonnegotiable. Segregate the tasks which you need to marvel at and the tasks where being good enough will do. Getting a clear picture on these questions will help you understand your priorities, make strategies and take measures.

 02. Share the Responsibilities :

Sharing the workload and delegating the responsibilities is the key to achieve a work life balance. There’s nothing wrong in admitting that you can’t do everything on your own and a slight assistance could ease your massive amount of work. Streamlining the workload and tasks will make a positive difference for everyone at work and will help everyone to get back to their families on time.

Similarly, it’s important to share the responsibilities for household chores too. Get other family members involved in organizing the house and divide work between each member of the family.

03. Limit distractions and time-wasters :

When you are a professional woman, every minute is crucial, both at work and home. You would be surprised to see that distractions at office can cost you so much of your time in a day. If you want to be productive and focused, it’s crucial to keep talkative coworkers, casual internet surfing, smartphones, and other distractions at bay. Set precise time limits to address emails and usage of phone. At home, avoid unnecessary scrolling of social media apps and watching Netflix and instead, you can use that time to strengthen your bond with your partner and kids.

04. Draw a line between Work and Home :

Learn to set boundaries at both work and home. This way you can give your heart and soul to both the aspects of life. Leave work at work, don’t come home with it. While spending time with your kids and partner, don’t be on the laptop or mobile sending emails or discussing work with coworkers. Be mindful of your personal relationships and start saying no to things that aren’t doing any good to us. Moreover, leave home at home, while addressing an important mail or preparing an important work strategy, do not entertain personal calls unless urgent.

05. Make some time for yourself :

Making out some time to do things you really love is the top-secret to maintain a impeccable work-life balance. Occasionally, it’s acceptable to think about yourself, have some leisure time and pamper yourself. Go to a spa, get a facial, watch reruns of your favorite TV series, read a book, meet your friends or just do nothing at all. Learn to take care of yourself because only then you would be able to take care of your family and your work.

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