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How to Keep Body Aches and Pain at Bay

How to Keep Body Aches and Pain at Bay

21/10/2021 Blog

Body aches are common and often a result of fatigue and exhaustion. They can feel like sharp, irregular pains or a dull but persistent ache. The pain can vary in intensity and recurrence from person to person. When suffering from body ache or pain, it is essential to understand their source and the right ways to address them. For serious cases, medical assistance may be required; whereas for other normal aches, an individual may treat them through simple moderations in their lifestyle.

If you’re dealing with body aches and pain, here are some ways to recognize them and keep them at bay.

1. Keep yourself warm

When suffering from an ache, it is critical to keep yourself warm, especially during colder weather. Research shows that low temperatures are associated with higher occurrence of body and joint aches. You may also want to avoid resting your body at extensive stretches as that can worsen the pain.

2. Pay attention to your eating regimen

Consuming adequate levels of Vitamin B, Vitamin D and Calcium can help you to address your body pain from the inside, as opposed to just superficially. You must ensure that your eating regimen is plentiful and packed with green vegetables, egg yolk and milk.

3. Avoid unhealthy foods

Besides paying attention to essential nutrients and vitamins intake, you must also actively follow a healthy diet. Avoid indulging in foods that are too oily or high in sugar. Also, keep your alcohol intake to minimal. Make sure that your diet includes food that contributes to your nourishment.

4. Get your muscles moving

While it may sound challenging to exercise when you’re already in pain, getting up and moving can actually help. A short walk, few minutes of yoga or some light exercises can significantly reduce body pain. Regular exercise is known to increase flexibility and can help you prevent future episodes of body aches.

5. Stretching

Stretching is a highly underrated activity for joints. If you experience joint pain, incorporating careful and well-coordinated stretches, especially during winters, can help you improve the range of motion and flexibility of your joints. Moreover, stretching can help you correct your posture, which reduces body pain in the long run. Static stretches are most useful for the joints, whereby you stretch and hold the position for some seconds until the initial pain and stiffness ease out.

06. Getting a massage

A 2014 study found that a therapeutic massage can significantly reduce body pain. And over the long term, regular massages can improve your body’s ability to keep aches at bay for good. Another research from a 2015 study revealed that massaged muscles contain many more blood vessels than massage-free muscles, enabling faster recovery.

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