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Maximize Your Metabolism

Maximize Your Metabolism

23/10/2021 Blog

Metabolism is a compound biological structure in the human body that is regularly exploited by the diet and slimming business. It is the procedure in which our body converts what we drink and eat into energy for all the activities of your life.  In fact, it’s a billion-dollar industry that’s growing every year, as people look for ways to revive their body’s natural ability to burn fat.

There are proven ways to maximize metabolism naturally and without a lot of additional money, time and effort. It’s the total of little things that creates a healthy body which burns more calories and fat. First of all, it’s imperative to recognize what makes up your body’s metabolism. It’s not possible for a person to change these biological factors which affects their metabolism. Nevertheless, there are a few lifestyle changes which can be adopted to help boost their metabolic rate while also significantly impacting their overall health.

01. Protein Based Diet-

Eating food can boost your metabolism for a few hours which is known as the thermic effect of food (TEF). It’s caused by the extra calories required to absorb and digest the nutrients in a meal. Protein leads to the major rise in TEF which increases your metabolic rate by 15–30%, having a meal full of protein has also been shown to make you feel fuller and stop you from overeating.

02. Replace Sugary Drinks with plenty of Water-

People who replace sugary drinks with water are notably more successful at losing weight. Reason being sugary drinks is full of calories; hence replacing them with water reduces the calorie intake. However, drinking water may also temporarily speed up your metabolism Water can also help fill you up. Studies show that drinking water a half an hour before you eat can help you eat less

03. Stand up More and Take a walk –

The long periods of sitting can lead to weight gain and burn fewer calories whereas standing up more and walking a few steps everyday can burn significant amount of calories and boost up metabolism.

04. Drink Green Tea and Coffee –

The caffeine in coffee can increase metabolic rate by 3–11% and promotes fat burning process. Similarly, Green tea converts the fat stocked up in our body into free fatty acids, which might amplify fat burning. As it is low in calories, drinking Green Tea could be good for both losing weight and weight maintenance.

05. Eat Spicy Food –

Peppers contain capsaicin, a substance which can boost up and maximize metabolism. The impact of adding up spices in one’s meal may be reasonably small. Nonetheless, it leads to considerable benefits when combined with other metabolism-boosting strategies.

06. Get a sound Sleep –

Lack of sleep is usually associated directly to a vital increase in the risk of being obese and low metabolism. Lack of sleep can reduce the amount of calories you burn, alter the way you process sugar and disturb your appetite-regulating hormones.

07. Exercise often –

Exercise can help you burn more fat by increasing your metabolic rate which stimulates your metabolism, helps you burn calories and can even for the time being hold back your appetite post-workout.

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