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Things To Know Before Going For LPG Endermologie

Things To Know Before Going For LPG Endermologie

14/11/2021 Blog

LPG, also known as LipoMassage, was developed by French parent company Endermologie. LPG boasts over 30 years of experience in both natural beauty as well as advanced therapeutic treatments.

The LPG technology can be applied to the whole body, including the face, and tailored to combat many common issues that women in particular deal with. It can target cellulite, sagging skin and resistant body fat. As for the face, it can reduce wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots as well as give contouring effects, higher cheekbones and a more defined jaw structure.

If you are planning to go for an LPG endermologie treatment, here are all the things you may need to take into consideration.

How does it work? 

LPG reactivates lipolysis, a natural process wherein fats are broken down and released to provide energy for the body. Lipolysis is triggered by massaging the body with a combination of suction and mechanical rollers, patented by Endermologie. Likewise, a massaging head is gently rolled over the body to delicately manipulate the skin into naturally increasing blood flow as well as activating dormant cells by stimulating the synthesis of collagen and elastin.

Am I a good candidate for this treatment?

LPG endermologie is a non-invasive and natural procedure. The nature of the treatment is said to be gentle and soothing, making it suitable for almost everyone.

You are an ideal candidate for LPG treatment in the following cases:

  • You want to get rid of cellulite.
    LPG treatment uses sophisticated machines to tone and improve the skin’s radiance while reducing the appearance of cellulite.
  • You want to sculpt your body.
    LPG treatment can effectively treat muffin tops, saddlebags and other unwanted shapes that are often resistant to any amount of diet and exercise.
  • You want to improve your skin’s radiance.
    Skin that is affected by age or harsh environments, such as pollution and sunlight, can be treated with LPG endermologie. The technology helps to treat dull complexion, smoothen the skin and get rid of thinning and sagging skin.
  • You want to get back your pre-pregnancy body.
    The treatment helps to address the issues of the postnatal body, such as cellulite, localized fat, bloating and sagging skin.

 Is the treatment safe?

LPG Endermologie is an FDA-approved treatment. It is the first technology worldwide to gain FDA clearance for treating cellulite. The treatment involves highly advanced and sophisticated machines, which are operated by experienced estheticians to ensure optimal results during the treatment.

Is the treatment painful?

LPG endermologie is a completely natural and painless procedure. Being capable of addressing a range of cosmetic body and skin issues, the non-invasive treatment is ideal for improving overall physical and mental health. Additionally, the settings can be customised depending on the skin sensitivity of individual clients. The treatment also boasts of zero side effects.

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