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Simple Steps to Stick to Your Weight Loss Resolution This New Year

Simple Steps to Stick to Your Weight Loss Resolution This New Year

07/01/2022 Blog

New Year is when numerous people embark on the longstanding tradition of resolutions, especially for weight loss. However, most of them often struggle to follow through. This time, instead of giving up on your resolutions a few weeks into the new year, try implementing these simple steps to stay on track and accomplish your goals.

1. Set realistic goals

To start with your weight loss plan, you first need to set goals that are indeed attainable. Think about what you want to accomplish — whether it is losing weight, eating healthy or starting a new exercise plan — then break down your goal into measurable milestones. Plan achievable steps for each day, week and month. Don’t forget to reward yourself for both, the big as well as the small wins.

2. Set a routine

Despite our best efforts to lead a healthier lifestyle, many of us end up getting stuck in a sedentary rut. While practical concerns like a hectic schedule can play a part in this struggle, for most, the barriers are often mental. Try to instill discipline by making simple changes to your routine, and then build momentum toward bigger changes. To make it easier and more enjoyable, make sure your routine aligns with your preferences.

3. Exercise regularly

Getting regular exercise is an important step in any fitness journey. It is not only beneficial for weight loss but also for maintaining your overall health and wellness. However, if you find it tough to exercise regularly, consider adding modest amounts of physical activity to your routine. Focusing on simply making positive lifestyle choices can help you carry it over into other areas of your life, including what you eat.

4. Prepare your own meals

Plan your meals well in advance to make mealtime a quick and easy process, especially on long workdays. Meal prepping reduces the stress that comes with trying to eat healthy. Moreover, it helps you to avoid the temptation of opting for less healthy alternatives on impulse. Meal prepping also helps in better managing your portion sizes. Becoming mindful of all the ingredients you put in your body automatically puts you ahead in the healthy eating department.

5. Get help from a professional

Getting started on your weight loss journey is a lot easier when you have a professional providing you with all the necessary tools and support. A professional can also educate you on all aspects of health and wellness and regularly check in on your progress, holding you accountable for all your activities.

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