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Harmful Effects of Over-Exfoliation

Harmful Effects of Over-Exfoliation

20/01/2022 Beauty Tips

Exfoliation is a crucial partof one’s skincare routine. Exfoliating once or twice a week is necessary to shed dead cells. However,doing so too much or too often can create skin problems.

The puzzling part is that the issues that exfoliation is meant to treat are same as the signs that appear when you over-exfoliate. In order to help you determine whether you need to continue exfoliating or give your skin a break, we have put together a comprehensive guide covering the harmful effects of over-scrubbing your skin.

Signs of Over-Exfoliation:

Going too far with your skincare candisturb the balance of your skin.However, the problemsareusually more severe than they appear from the outside. Understanding the markers of damaged skin can help you take the necessary measures before it’s too late. Following are some signs of over-exfoliation.

  1. Redness and irritation
    A strongexfoliation can lead to broken blood vessels. Depending on how sensitive your skin is, you may witness issues such as prolonged redness, irritation, itchiness, inflammation or pain. In addition, your face may sting when you apply products like facewash or moisturizers.
  2. Swelling
    Puffiness or swellingisanother symptom of going overboard with your skin. When the exfoliation substance runs a little too deep, it can hurt your skin and damage the lipid barrier. This, in turn, makes the skin swollen and puffy.
  3. Acne breakout
    If your skin starts breaking out after exfoliation, this may also be indicative of over-exfoliation. Your skin may start to feel inflamed and becomeprone to acne breakouts, along with other potential risks of skin damage.
  4. Peeling and flaking
    An over-exfoliated skin can start becoming dry and flaky very quickly. This is because too much of exfoliant canpeel the surface layer of the skin, removing all the trapped moisture that is responsible for protecting the skin. When the outer layer of your skin is compromised, it becomes vulnerable to outside pollutants, such as harsh heat, sunlight andallergens.
  5. Skin tightness
    When you over-scrub your skin, you end up removing the collagen from your skin thatis responsible for providing it with much-needed elasticity and flexibility. This can leave your skin feeling unusually tight.

How to treat over-exfoliation?

When your skin starts to show signs of over-exfoliation, the first thing you must do is approach it with care. Stop exfoliating your skin right away and avoid using any products that contain chemicals or fragrances as they may have harsh effects on your skin. In addition, avoidusing makeup until your skin issues subside. Bring relief to your irritated skin by applyingice cubes or aloe vera for a soothing effect.

Over-exfoliation can make your skin highly sensitive. Hence, you must focus on rebuilding your skin’s lipid barrier. Wear a sunscreen that is high in SPF whenever your skin is exposed to sunlight.

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