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Should You Use Electrical Muscle Stimulation Before, During or After Workout?

Should You Use Electrical Muscle Stimulation Before, During or After Workout?

05/02/2022 Uncategorized

When it comes to fitness, we are constantly seeking ways to amp up our performance and get the most out of our workouts. As such, it comes as no surprise that Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) has gained immense popularity in the sports and fitness industries. EMS, also known as e-stim, works by sending low-frequency currents to the muscles to trigger involuntary contractions, working more muscles in a shorter period of time.

For years, electrical muscle stimulation has been used in rehabilitation sessions to help with spinal cord injuries and paralysis, and in physical therapy to correct imbalances and strengthen weak muscles. It has also been used therapeutically to trigger nerves that make muscles contract, ultimately loosening and relaxing any tight spots. But now, EMS has made its way into the fitness world, promising results equivalent to four hours of exercise in just fifteen minutes.

How does E-stim work?

When we exercise, the neurotransmitters in our brain signal the fibers within the muscles to engage in order to perform each movement. However, our muscle fibers’ activation can limit over time as a result of things such as overtraining, injury and poor recovery, which cause muscular imbalances.

Our bodies are not capable of differentiating between a voluntary contraction and an electrically stimulated one. Drawing upon this concept, electrical muscle stimulation is used during workouts to mimic what our brain does. This is done by applying electrode pads to different parts of a muscle and sending low-frequency electrical impulses to the body to elicit muscle contraction.

A key benefit of e-stim is that not only does it recruit more muscle fibers but also works to activate the dormant ones. Many athletes have revealed that incorporating e-stim into their training has helped to strengthen their muscles more than when they would train sans e-stim.

When To Use E-Stim?

E-stim offers different sets of benefits depending on the different stages of a workout. You can determine the best time to use e-stim based on your personal goals and preferences.

1. Before Workout
Using electrical muscle stimulation prior to a workout can help improve blood circulation, allowing more blood and oxygen to pump to the muscles. This enables the muscles to prepare for the workout just as a warm-up exercise would.

2. During Workout
When used during a workout, electrical muscle stimulation helps to increase our muscles’ efforts by stimulating more muscle fibers to engage, ultimately making the workout more effective.

3. After Workout
When used after training, electrical muscle stimulation can help by bringing fresh oxygen and blood into the muscles, thereby encouraging toxin removal and helping to speed up recovery.

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