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Fat Freezing Vs. LPG

Fat Freezing Vs. LPG

14/02/2022 Blog

Resistant, stubborn or unwanted fat isa common struggle among women — whether in the form of love handles, muffin top, or saddlebag. Studies show that more women nowadays are resorting to non-invasive proceduresas a way to reduce stubborn pockets of fat, whichthey find difficult to shed despite regular diet and exercise.

Fat freezing and LPG are two such non-invasive procedures.While both of them are popular among clients, they use different methods to reduce fat and cellulite.

Read on to understand the differences between fat freezing and LPG and to discover which one might be suitable for you.

Fat Freezing

Fat freezing is a method that gently but effectively removes fat from stubborn areas of the body. This is done by freezing fat cellsat extremely low temperatures. Whilefat cells are more vulnerable to cold temperatures, other cells such as the skin and underlying tissue are not affected by this process. After the fat cells are crystallized (frozen), they areseparated from the inner lining of the skin.With time, the body naturally gets rid ofthe fat and removes dead cells, leaving youwith a sculpted body.

LPG Treatment

LPG Treatment uses a therapeutic approach to reducing fat and cellulite. The technologytargets stubborn fats in different areas, such asarms, thighs, buttocks,hips, and more. This is done bydelivering a deep, relaxing massage through an endermologie machine, which includes rollers and a suction system. The massage is designed to penetrate deep under the skin,releasing fat cells in thetarget area and clearing out the appearance of cellulite. The skin is also triggered to increase collagen production, a protein that helps tighten the skin and improve elasticity. Through the release of fat cells and stimulation of collagen in your skin, LPG endermologiehelpstoshape your body and improve the overall look and health of your skin.

What are the Side Effects of These Treatments?

Fat freezing can cause side effects likeswelling, bruising, redness, sensitivity and localized pain around the treated area. Some may also experience numbness. When the cold panels freeze the fat cells, the surrounding areasmay become exposed to the panels, leading tomild side effects.

LPG is a well-tolerated treatment for cellulite and fatreduction. It is painless, gentle on the skin, and completely safe. Moreover, it is the first technology to be approved by the FDA as an anti-cellulite treatment. Being a Class 1 Medical Device, the treatmentboasts of zero side effects with the least possibility to affect the user.

Why FCBS Dubai?

If you’re looking for a safe, effective way to reduce fat and cellulite throughout your body, LPG treatment is your answer. We have helped countless women with fat reduction and skin enhancement using this proven technique.

At FCBS Dubai, we offer exceptional LPG experiences through world-class treatment from some of our top experts. For more information aboutour weight loss treatments or to book an appointment, contact us today.

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