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Benefits of LPG Endermologie For Athletes

Benefits of LPG Endermologie For Athletes

14/03/2022 Uncategorized

Athletes are always looking for an extra push to enhance their athletic performance. Consequently, the LPG Endermologie is gaining wide recognition in sports. As opposed to other techniques, this FDA-approved treatment is a 100% natural alternative for athletes.

Sportsmen from varied sports fields are resorting to LPG endermologie to improve their functional mobility, reduce muscle strains and reach peak performance, among other things. The treatment has also become an ideal choice among ordinary fitness enthusiasts for improving their overall endurance, strength, speed, and flexibility.

Endermologie and Sports
LPG endermologie plays a unique role in sports. It is a safe and non-invasive approach to muscle conditioning. The treatment — performed by a qualified therapist using LPG rollers — directly targets the muscles and surrounding tissues to promote a fast and positive response.

This technique is clinically proven to help athletes accelerate recovery from injuries, improve lymphatic & blood circulation, enhance mobility, reduce muscle stress and alleviate muscle spasms. Moreover, it eliminates metabolic wastes and toxins that often get built up in the tissues after a strenuous workout, thus facilitating the body to flush out trapped lactic acid.

Features of LPG Endermologie
Intense physical exertions associated with sports activities often result in body aches, which can last for several days. Athletes typically rely on methods such as stretching, foam rolling, and range-of-motion exercises to relieve pain and discomfort. However, these can be slow in effect and may not necessarily address the muscles in a deep sense.

LPG endermologie offers full as well as targeted treatments. It provides varied treatment protocols, allowing users to personalize each treatment to fit the specific needs of the athlete. For instance, a football player suffering from a thigh injury can turn to an LPG endermologie to speed up recovery and re-energize the thigh muscles. Whereas a swimmer can use the technology to target and strengthen the shoulder, back, and abdominal muscles.

Benefits of Endermologie
LPG endermologie has become an indispensable tool for athletes due to its manifold benefits. While the advantages can be enjoyed by just about anyone who uses it, the results are considerably greater on professional athletes who push their bodies to the limit.

The benefits of LPG endermologie for athletes include the following:
•Expands the range of muscle motion
•Optimizes muscle strength
•Eliminates lactic acid by 30% or more
•Improves muscle conditioning
•Reduces muscle fatigue
•Increases fat burning
•Boosts recovery
•Improves blood circulation
•Drains toxins accumulated in tissues
•Activates the lymphatic system
•Alleviates Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)
•Enhances concentration and energy level
•Reduces stress while maintaining wellness

Book an Appointment With FCBS Dubai
Whether you are looking to relax your body, recuperate from rigorous exertion or optimize your overall athletic performance, LPG endermologie can prepare you for all your athletic challenges. This means greater precision of movement, better flexibility, and improved tissue robustness.

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