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Five Skincare Rules to Follow During Pregnancy

Five Skincare Rules to Follow During Pregnancy

14/03/2022 Back Pain Treatment

Becoming a motheris agratifying moment in any woman’s life. But italsobrings its fair share of struggles. One such challenge is the sudden changes experienced in skin, such aspigmentation, stretchmarks and hormonal acne. The body goes through a constant surge of hormones during this time, causing an imbalance thatoften manifests on the skin. This, as a result, calls for special attention to everything — from what goes into your body to what goes on your face.

If you are a mom-to-be who is struggling with skin issues, we have listed out someessentialskincare rules for you to follow.

01. Don’t skip your skincare routine.
Often, women forego their skincare routinethroughout their pregnancy. However, skincare is rather vital for them during this time due to constant changes in their body and skin. Pregnant women must resort to the less-is-more approach. They must usenatural alternatives as far as possibleand stick to basic skincare essentials like a cleanser, sunscreen and moisturizer to maintain their skin’s health.

02. Moisturizing is key to healthy skin.

Many women struggle withissues likedry skin,cracked heels and chapped lips at some stage during their pregnancy. In addition, areas like the knees and elbows can become especially dry. Usinga hydrating moisturizer can help reduce itchiness, heal dry or cracked skin and prevent stretch marks. Wheat germ oil, coconut oil and milk cream are someof the ways to naturallymoisturize dry skin.

03. Your sunscreen is highly essential now.

During pregnancy, the skin changes andbecomesmore sensitive. Hence, pregnant women must avoid stepping outside without taking appropriate measures. They must usea sunscreen with SPF of 30 or above and touch it up every few hours to avoid skin damages from sun exposure.They can also opt fora mineral-based sunscreen that includesingredients like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide for added benefits.Likewise, make sureto wear a hat or sunglasses for extended protection.

04. Say no to retinoids.

While retinoid is a vital ingredient for achieving flawless skin, it is best for pregnant women to refrain from using night repair creamsthat contain retinoids. Studies have shown that the persistent use of retinoidsduring pregnancy can lead to birthdefects.

Moreover, retinoidis also best avoided before pregnancy as it can trigger changes in the body, making it difficult for women to conceive.Consider switching retinoid with Bakuchiol, whichis a safer and more natural alternative.

05. Add Vitamin C to your skincare.

Vitamin C is a powerhouse for skincare that solves just about any issue one might face during pregnancy. Targetingskin damage caused by sun exposure, hyperpigmentation, acne and slow collagen production are some of its benefits on the skin. Vitamin C alsospeeds up tissue repair, ensuring radiant and healthy skin.

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