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7 Nutrition Tips for National Nutrition Month

7 Nutrition Tips for National Nutrition Month

25/03/2022 Nutrition Tips

National Nutrition Month, celebrated each year in the month of March, is a nutrition education and information campaign created by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. This campaign is focused on raising awareness regarding good nutrition, which is done by educating the public on the importance of healthy food habits and physical activities.

Essentially, National Nutrition Month is celebrated by sharing nutrition-related information and knowledge in the form of cooking demos, wellness tips, educational resources, events, and many more. This year, FCBS Dubai is celebrating it by sharing some tips to help you lead a healthy lifestyle.

Here are seven nutrition tips for a healthy you:

1. Bring balance to your place.
Proper food intake allows you to get adequate nutrients and calories for your body. A balanced diet should contain around 60-70% of the total calories from carbohydrates, 20-25% from fat, and 10-12% from proteins. You must also make sure to eat a variety of foods from each of these groups. The advantages of a balanced diet include high energy levels, improved body functions, and a stronger immune system.

2. Watch your portion sizes.
Most of us underestimate our calorie intake. While healthy eating is important, so is practicing portion control. To watch your portion sizes, use smaller dishes, eat slowly, and avoid eating food directly from the packages.

3. Prep and plan ahead.
When you adopt a healthy lifestyle, deciding what to eat each day can be a daunting task. One of the healthiest habits you can adopt is meal prep. This helps you to plan ahead of time, stick to a schedule, make the most of your food budget, and have ready-to-eat meals at your disposal.

4. Start cooking.
Oftentimes, packaged foods and beverages that claim to be healthy, such as fruit juices and protein bars, have many hidden calories. Cooking food at home allows you to be in control of how it is prepared and what ingredients are used.

5. Drink more water.
Hydration is an important aspect of both physical fitness as well as the mental functioning. Drinking adequate amounts of water can help with your digestion, circulation, metabolism, and nutrient absorption. You can also opt for watery foods, such as watermelons and lettuces.

6. Get active.
Exercising can have a great impact on how efficiently your body absorbs nutrients. Include some kind of physical activity in your daily routine, like brisk walking, going to the gym, or playing a sport. Start by working out for 10 minutes a day and then work your way up to 30 minutes.

7. Get to know food labels.
Food labels help us to understand the composition of our food, such as its calories, vitamins, minerals, fats, and so on. They help us make informed decisions about the food we purchase.

National Nutrition Month is a great chance to refocus your attention on good eating habits, regular exercise and your overall well-being. FCBS Dubai offers a myriad of health and wellness services to support your efforts. To know more, book an appointment with us.