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Three Impacts of Ageing on Your Body

Three Impacts of Ageing on Your Body

31/03/2022 LPG Endermologie

It’s no secret that ageing has a profound effect on our bodies. As we age, our bones start to shrink, muscles get weak and joints lose flexibility. Moreover, our skin starts sagging, loses elasticity and no longer feels as rejuvenated as it once did. While some changes are prominent, others are rather subtle. Nonetheless, they all affect our appearance and body function in some way.

While ageing is an inevitable part of life, our lifestyle choices can play a significant role in delaying the onset of such changes. Genetics, illness, diet, exercise and a range of other factors contribute to the ageing process.

In this article, we list down how ageing can impact your body in different ways.

1. Bones, Muscles and Joints
One of the most common impacts of ageing is seen on the musculoskeletal system. As we age, the structure of our bones changes, resulting in the loss of bone tissue. This, in turn, makes the bones brittle and weak. Over time, our muscles also become rigid and lose strength, contributing to increased fatigue and weakness. In addition, the joint movement gets affected as the lubricating fluid inside our joints decreases. Such age-related changes often occur due to a lack of exercise.

2. Skin, Hair and Nails
With age, our skin becomes drier and more brittle, which can lead to wrinkles. Other signs of skin ageing include thinning, sagging, dark spots, broken blood vessels and loss of elasticity. Moreover, nails grow slower and become weak. Hair becomes thin and starts losing pigment, resulting in grey hair.

3. Metabolism
Research shows that our energy levels slow down with age, which can result in decreased physical activities and a sluggish metabolism. All these factors contribute to weight gain. Since our bodies may not be able to shed off as many calories as they once did, the extra calories end up getting stored as fat.

LPG Endermologie: A solution to all your ageing concerns
You can’t prevent ageing. But with FCBS Dubai, you can target the effects of ageing that take place both outside and inside the body.

At FCBS Dubai, we offer LPG endermologie, a safe, natural and non-invasive technique for anti-ageing. This treatment works to replenish the skin and combat the signs of ageing, leaving you with radiant and rejuvenated skin.

Following are the benefits of LPG endermologie:

1.Increases Metabolism
LPG endermologie delivers a deep mechanical massage to activate the metabolism of fat tissue that is resistant to exercise and diet and stimulates collagen production. Moreover, it tones the body to help define the muscles and curves.
2. Smoothens Skin
LPG endermologie stimulates the skin and fatty tissue to soften and release the fibrous connective tissue, leading to smooth, firm and tight skin. It helps combat signs of ageing such as wrinkles and fine lines.
3.Relaxes Muscles
LPG endermologie helps to reduce stress and muscle tension while promoting a deep sense of relaxation. It offers support to ageing muscles to find much-needed relief from aches and pains.