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Three Ways To Battle Seasonal Changes on Your Skin

Three Ways To Battle Seasonal Changes on Your Skin

07/04/2022 Beauty Tips

As the weather changes, so do we. Not only do we notice a shift in our behavior, mood, and biological clock but also in our skin. Excess dryness, irritation, and breakouts are some of the most common experiences of seasonal change.

Rain, wind, sunlight, or pollution — whatever the environment brings our way, our skin ends up bearing the brunt. This makes it critical to align our skincare routine with the changes of the seasons. Otherwise, we may end up with damaged skin that shows the signs of ageing much before its time.

How to care for your skin with the progression of the seasons.

The weather is not in our control, but our skin health can be. There are several ways to protect our skin health. To start with, pay attention to the state of your skin and change your skincare routine as the seasons change.
1.During summers, switch to an oil-removing cleanser to help control the overproduction of sebum. If you have been using a cream-based moisturizer or facewash, make a switch to water-based formulations for replenishing nutrients and moisture to your skin. Opt for a hydrating serum that contains soothing turmeric, squalane or avocado oil. If you need a deeper cleansing, look for products like a light moisturizer, gel or lotion that contains salicylic acid. And most importantly, use a generous amount of sunscreen.

2.During the transition from summer to winter, which is when humidity levels get lower, your skin may start feeling dry and stripped of moisture. Hence, you must keep your showers short and avoid using hot water as much as you can. Moreover, you must use a bodywash that is highly nourishing and follow it up with a thick lotion.

3.In monsoons, the moisture content in the environment is high, which makes us susceptible to rashes, acne, sunburns and other skin issues. Our skin is also prone to wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation, dark spots and dullness due to sun exposure. An ideal skincare routine must include a high-SPF sunscreen throughout the year, even during monsoons. Although the sun may not be visible through the cloudy skies, the clouds do not necessarily act as a filter for the UV rays. Hence, you must make it a point to switch to a gel-based water-resistant sunscreen to keep your skin protected. Wash your face frequently to get rid of the excessive build-up of dust, grime and oil and to prevent fungal infections.

Let us help.
If you have been considering a skincare treatment, a seasonal shift may be the best time for it. Not only will you be guided by a skin specialist but also be preparing your skin against the sudden trauma of weather change.

At FCBS Dubai, our skin specialist will examine your skin in-depth and help you make an informed decision about the most appropriate treatment for your skin type. If you are experiencing persistent issues, book an appointment with us to determine the best course of action.