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Five Reasons You Keep Getting Back Pain After Working Out

Five Reasons You Keep Getting Back Pain After Working Out

08/04/2022 Back Pain Treatment

Back pain is not unusual for workout enthusiasts. Soreness is a common result of exercise and is particularly prominent among beginners. After all, our back plays a major role in various exercise forms. While generally not a serious issue, if you continually experience back pain after working out, you may want to look into why this is happening.

Here are five reasons why you may be getting back pain after working out:
1. Not warming up.
Always start with some low-impact warm-up exercises before your workout. Warming up helps us to increase our breathing and heart rate in a steady manner, enabling us to build momentum before performing more strenuous exercises. Muscles become stiff when they are not warmed up, which causes them to strain when exposed to exertion. As such, incorporating warm-up exercises can not only reduce your back pain but also the chance of new injuries.
2. Not stretching enough.
Stretching before a workout helps to loosen up your muscles and increase your range of motion. Stretching is also vital after a workout as it helps to reduce the risk of injuries and pain. Since tight muscles can lead to back pain, you must take at least 10 minutes to incorporate some full-body stretches to relieve pain. However, prevent performing static stretches before your training as they may hamper your performance.
3. Choosing an improper weight regimen.
The majority of the injuries that happen at the gym are a result of lifting heavyweights. While you will want to go heavier to challenge your muscles, you must do so in small steps. Your muscles get stronger when you progressively increase the weight you lift. To build strength and muscles, start by increasing the sets and reps, taking less rest, and performing more challenging variations. If properly done, weightlifting will not worsen your back pain.
4. Using the improper form.
Improper form or posture can be another main reason for backache while working out. Overarching the back while you lift weights can cause injury to the muscle and ligaments, especially in the lower back. It is essential to keep your back straight or in neutral form when you train with weights. When performing planks or push-ups, make sure your lower body is not sinking. Keep your shoulders balanced and pelvis engaged so that you avoid overextending your back.
5. Weak muscles.
Weak abdominals can lead to a lack of stability and poor core strength, which can cause back pain. Most beginners tend to overwork their muscles as they increase their workout intensity. However, as the muscles get stronger, the soreness recedes.

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The abovementioned causes can help you figure out the reason for your back pain and allow you to take preventive measures. However, if your pain continues over time or you experience intolerable aches, FCBS Dubai can help. Our goal is to offer non-invasive pain relief treatments. We tailor our services to provide our clients with specialized treatments to suit their individual needs and lifestyles.


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