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Since 2010 our certified therapists led FCBS have been offering medically proven weight loss and physiotherapy programmes and nutritional guidance that have helped many thousands of women achieve their health goals. Our focus is always on helping women lose weight for the long term in a safe and supportive environment. Care is at the centre of all that we do. From clinically approved LPG treatment and EMS training, to nutritional advice we offer health aspirant an individual solution that is right for them.

At FCBS, all of our therapists are DHA registered and specialise in various treatments and nutritional guidance.

We believe in providing individual and special care to each of our clients to understand your need best. Giving the best care to our customers is our goal which we achieve every day. Get in touch with our center in Dubai and please send us the follwoing information which enable us to provide you the best treatment and services.

At fit and contoured slimming & Physiotherapy Center (FCBS), we believe that no one diet is perfect for everyone. We need to have a tailor made plan for each one of us that would help us attain our goals. We provide world class slimming techniques that helps you lose weight easily. Our center in Dubai is aimed at providing scientific weight loss plans for people who are overweight or obese. We look at their health goals cohesively to ensure they achieve their desirable body weight. We provide various slimming treatment plans and techniques that are pushed with massages and other health care.

We also specialize in different massage techniques that help your skin look young and healthy. The entire process is done via specialized massages that help you have a toned body with flexible limbs. Our clinic provides cellulite treatment that has pressure point massages and body scrubs as a part of our treatment.

Body firming is another aspect our center specializes in. This is specific to slimming procedures around the hip and the abdomen area. These procedures are in various forms and are done by trained experts. Our spa and salon have professionals that are experts in this area of work along with Gel therapy body firming & thermal therapy.

Physiotherapy and Pain Relief Treatments. On the basis of the medical history and clinical examination, the physiotherapists plan the line of treatment by setting short term and long term goals. Physiotherapists treat by stimulating natural healing mechanisms without the use of drugs/surgery. Physiotherapy treatment generally includes prescription of or assistance with specific exercises, manual therapy and manipulation, mechanical devices such as traction, education, physical agents like heat or cold, pain relieving electrical machines and sound waves.

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