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5 reasons for back pain

5 reasons for back pain

18/03/2018 Back Pain Treatment

Back pain is a common problem among many that start suddenly for many unknown reasons and persists with the pain until it becomes unbearable. Even though they are not serious enough to need surgery or medical care, backaches should be taken seriously, lest they mean something.

5 reasons for back pain

There are a lot of muscles, tendons, ligaments, and disks in our back which can all mess up in any possible way to result in back pain. It always helps to keep a straight posture and not do extraneous activities that are unsuitable for our body. The main reasons for back pain are:

  1. The biggest reason for back pain is bad posture. If you sit improperly or if you lift something awkwardly, then you might strain your back muscles and this might lead to ligament strain or spasms, which can prove really uncomfortable for you. Back pains can even occur if you have a generally bad posture i.e. if you do not sit, sleep, stand or walk straight on a regular basis.
  2. Your spinal cord is very important for you, and it is equally sensitive. The vertebrae of your spine have disks, nerves and many other crucial parts. If anyone of them is strained too much, they might bulge or become uneven.  If your spine curves due to scoliosis, you can still face severe back pain.
  3. Daily habits or regularised things in your life can also affect you. If your body has poor exercise, if you bend or hunch when you sit down this can affect your back severely. If you have a bad mattress too, your sleeping posture is entirely messed up, which in turn messes up your back and causes back pain.

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  1. Mental health also plays a huge role in increasing and bringing on back pain. Stress or depression can bring on muscle tension in the back and anxiety or another further worsening of mental health can lead to more severe pain.
  2. Arthritis can also be a cause of back pain. It is basically a disease that causes stiffening, swelling and irritation of muscles. And it affects your back muscles as well. Bulging or ruptured disks can also cause you a lot of back pain. Even any genetic or degenerative disorders like osteoporosis, which makes your bones brittle, can also be the cause of your back pain.

It helps to exercise regularly because we sometimes don’t even understand the causes for these back pains. And even when we do, we can do little to avoid them. That is why prevention is better than cure.

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Eating the right food and having a good sleep can keep you in a healthy state. It is better to take precautions from the start than to invest in expensive medical care and taking pills later. You can take back pain treatment in Dubai at some of the best clinics to support you through your case. In cases of severe back pain Dubai doctors can treat you well at the Neuro Spinal Hospital in Dubai.

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