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Four symptoms of lower back pain

Four symptoms of lower back pain

24/03/2018 Back Pain Treatment

Our spinal cords and backbones are tricky web structures that are filled up with ligaments, bones, muscles, and disks. When even one of them messes up, we find ourselves with aching backs that are so persistent in their pain that we stop functioning like our everyday life. Lower back pain is very common in middle-aged individuals where their bones start weakening.

Four symptoms of lower back pain

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It is always better to have a right posture when we walk, sleep or sit down. This not only keeps our backs and spinal cord healthy, but it will also improve blood circulation to the entire body and not makes you feel tired easily.

Four symptoms of lower back pain

Lower back pain is very irritating, and four of the main symptoms that result in lower back pain are:

  1. Pain that starts with pangs and is very dull. It is accompanied by sudden muscle spasms. Starting with a severe aching pain in your lower backs it proceeds to your hips and pelvis. The pain is characteristic with a stinging pain that travels from your lower spine right to your feet. Such pains don’t let you do any work and are very irritating to a person
  2.  There are these pains that keep coming and going and those that change your posture. When you are sitting for a long time, it might start hurting in your lower back because of a weak disk on which more pressure is being put. In such cases, going from one position to the other, when you are walking, and then you suddenly sit, or if you are sitting and have to stand, it starts hurting the most. These pains can be alleviated by regular exercise and moving around.
  3. A tight lower back, where the joints in your hips, pelvic region, and your buttocks become all cramped up also causes a lot of lower back pain. It is called sciatica and caused by disturbance to the sciatic nerve, which usually starts a numbing, stinging pain on just one side of our body.
  4. Osteoarthritis or other degenerative disorders bring about the narrowing of the region around your spinal cord called spinal stenosis, and this gives you severe backaches that worsen with time, and it is absolutely necessary for you to go consult a medical practitioner for lower back pain treatment.

All in all, lower back pain can be very serious without you even knowing what causes it. So it always best to get a checkup done if you face any of the serious symptoms persistently. Remember to maintain a good posture, eat healthily and sleep well to prevent the onset of any such aches or medical problems. The best treatment for lower back pain is plenty of exercises, where you can do yoga or go for a refreshing run to set your back in place.

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