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Everything to know about Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Everything to know about Lymphatic Drainage Massage

13/03/2018 LGP

Lymphatic massage is nothing but a therapeutic treatment where your lymph nodes are pressed all over your body to increase their flow by a vast degree. The lymph vessels in our body are very important and crucial in maintaining a healthy body by transporting all the healthy nutrients, fresh blood throughout the body along with taking any toxins outside.

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The lymph system has no pump like our blood, and that is why they may get increasingly stagnant. This is where the problem arises, and not everyone can be as healthy as they need. The massage treatment uses long strokes that center on the lymphatic regions of our body.

What happens during the massage

It starts like a normal massage, where you are lying under a thin draping so that your lymph nodes are easy to access. The areas near your neck, armpits, and your pelvic region and under have a vital concentration of lymph nodes, and these are given long, gentle massages to reinstate their flow.

Also Read : Everything to know about Lymphatic Drainage Massage

The massage takes place at a relatively warm temperature because you need to feel relaxed and you cannot do so if you are feeling cold. You can do your own massages by gently stroking your elbows on the inside, inside your upper arm and lifting your elbows, hands clasped together, while you are sleeping.

Why are they beneficial

  • They are very beneficial as they can improve your immune system a great deal by carrying out all the toxins from your body. This way it can prevent small flu or help your body fight off infections easily.
  • The lymphatic drainage massage lymphatic drainage massage is very useful in boosting weight loss. All the fat content in your body is thrown out because of proper circulation of the lymph material.
  • It also has a lot of dermatologic capabilities. It helps lessen any cellulite content in your body; if there is any scar tissue, it helps in faster healing of the tissue; and the massage can also give you clean and healthy pores.

How to get the maximum benefits

After the massage from an LPG lipomassage therapist or any of your locally trained masseuse, make sure you have a non-straining schedule, and you can relax to see the true effects of the treatment.

Drink a lot of water and keep exercising regularly to remove the toxins from your body and increase the lymphatic flow. You can remain healthy by doing simple elbow lifting or axillaries clearing of your inside elbows, which in turn works as lymphatic massage for your body by clearing any obstructions and helping your blood and lymphatic nodes.

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