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Introduction To LPG Lipomassage

Introduction To LPG Lipomassage

14/01/2018 LGP


LPG (French company) which was created in 1986 by Louis Paul Gauteay. This machine can be used for both body and face. LPG Endermologie gets to the root cause of the problem.

Lipomassage – body

Endermolift – face

LPG is an exciting non invasive, 100 percent natural treatment, non painful, with no chemicals and no side effects.


It works on the principle of breaking the fat cells, stimulating the lymphatic circulation and helps in improving the metabolism. LPG helps expel toxins and any abnormal fluid buildup. It also aids in improving the blood circulation thus helping in relaxation and overall rejuvenation and distressing of the body.

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Lipomassage (LPG Body) is a 45 minutes treatment. It is done by wearing a full body endermowear(LPG Suit).LPG can be done for the full body covering the specific area like stomach, thighs, arms, saddle bags etc.The machine has different programs for slimming, cellulite, draining and firming. The treatment can be divided into Android Lipomassage (upper body-stomach, back and arms), Gynoid Lipomassage (lower body-hips, buttocks, legs) Lipomassage total care (full body), firming and contouring and draining treatment. In the Slimming and Anti cellulite Program, it helps in breaking the adipose cellulite thus smoothening the ‘’Anti Dimple Complex” thereby reducing the volume of the body and improving the skin quality. It is very important to follow a good and healthy diet plan with regular exercise. The Firming and Draining program helps in toning and tightening of the skin and also removing the excess water from the body.



  1. Firms the skin
  2. Smoothen the cellulite
  3. Loss of volume from the body
  4. Reshaping the body


  1. Pregnancy more than 6 months(only draining program can be given in early stages)
  2. Cancer
  3. Blood thinners
  4. Infection
  5. Blood illness


After the consultation with DHA certified experts at FCBS, LPG Treatment can be done with the latest version of LPG machine.

Session should be taken minimum twice a week

No heavy meals prior to the treatment,

No session during menstruation.

Regular exercise and healthy diet should be followed with the treatment.

Water intake should be more than 2 liters per day.

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