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Reshaping Your Body in Non-Invasive Way

Reshaping Your Body in Non-Invasive Way

29/07/2020 LPG Lipomassage

We’ve seen an undefined but complex relationship between mental health and obesity. Numerous studies have highlighted a two-way association between depression and obesity. While majority obese people develop depression over time, for many others, obesity often stems from their deteriorating mental health. Each condition is believed to continually aggravate the other, creating a vicious cycle.

Nowadays, obesity has become a common global struggle, primarily due to a sedentary lifestyle led by majority of the population around the world, leading to significant psychological and psychological consequences. When obesity and poor mental health co-exist, they can create a negative spiral effect.

Physiological Effects

People suffering from obesity are at high risk for several serious diseases and health complications. Excess body fat strains the organs and bones. It also causes changes in hormones and metabolism, and increases body inflammation. Moreover, obesity is shown to contribute to the risk of certain types of cancer — including breast, gallbladder and renal cancer — as well as heart diseases, liver diseases, strokes, diabetes, high blood pressure and sleep apnea. In terms of reproductive health, obesity negatively affects both fertility and contraception. Pregnant women who are overweight are more likely to suffer from pregnancy complications, such as blood clots and miscarriage.

Psychological Effects

In terms of mental health, obesity affects every individual differently as there are multiple cumulative and ever-changing factors involved with each person. However, with each research study, more information is being discovered about the link between obesity and mental health. Obesity is found to be closely connected to depression, anxiety, stress, neurodegenerative diseases and sleep disorders. Lack of self-esteem, physical inactivity and the social stigma related to being overweight all contribute to poor mental health. Other negative consequences include increased appetite or overwhelming lethargy.

LPG Endermologie for Body Shaping

LPG, also known as LipoMassage or Endermologie, is a natural and non-invasive treatment for body shaping and contouring. The treatment helps to stimulate fat cells in the body to accelerate fat loss, smoothen loose and flabby skin and reduce cellulite. Unlike exercise and diet, where spot fat reduction is almost impossible to achieve, LPG endermologie lets you choose the target area for fat loss. 

This natural, massage-induced method helps to shape the body by reactivating lipolysis, which is a fat release process. It uses mechanical rollers to massage the body, gently breaking down and releasing fat from the body, which is then converted into an energy source for the muscles. The technique also reactivates elastin and collagen production, making the skin appear smoother and firmer. 

Since this multi-effect treatment is 100% natural, it involves no surgery or unnatural chemicals. The treatment is a popular option among women in Dubai who are looking to contour their body without undergoing extreme procedures. Moreover, the process is pain-free and requires no recovery time. 

Book an appointment with FCBS Dubai today, call +971 4 325 5481 to know more about our LPG endermologie treatment and related services, or if you wish to consult our experts for professional guidance and advice.

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