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6 Benefits of EMS You Just Can’t Ignore

6 Benefits of EMS You Just Can’t Ignore

22/02/2020 Pain Treatment

Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) has become a standard part of physical therapy. It is ever so widely used for accelerating fat loss and recovery from conditions such as back pain, joint pain, cancer-related pain, muscle injury, strokes, nerve inflammation and poor muscle strength. The procedure is highly effective in the conditioning and strengthening of muscles.

How Does EMS Training Work?

Our body naturally activates muscles by sending electrical and chemical impulses from the brain to the nervous system. However, not all muscles have a well-developed connection to the brain. In such cases, an EMS treatment is used to emulate the action of signals being sent from the nervous system to the body. It creates a repeated pattern of muscle contraction and relaxation, which becomes our memory engram. In other words, the body gets trained to recruit muscles quickly without having to actually activate the nervous system.

How Can EMS Benefit Me?

EMS has become a trustworthy option among women because of the various benefits it offers — all of which are backed by science and clinically proven as effective.

Builds muscles:
When you contract a muscle, only 30% of your muscle fibers are in the contraction state, whereas the remaining 70% are inactive because the muscle fibers start to fatigue. The goal of training with electrical stimulation is to tone and strengthen the dormant muscles and force their contraction in a coordinated pattern.

Improves posture:
Body posture is based on the interaction of muscles, bones and tendons. Electrical muscle stimulation training can effectively help in recovering from muscle spasm and back pain by targeting the deeper back muscles, which are also responsible for supporting posture.

Relieves joints:
Unlike regular fitness training that involves weights, EMS training does not put extra pressure on the joints and can safely be used to help recover joint pain even after an injury. It is helpful in keeping the muscles active especially after a stroke or spinal cord injury. Additionally, it has shown positive effects in preventing atrophy and improving the symptoms of asthma.

Loses fat:
EMS training facilitates the reduction of body fat and body weight. In women, it has found to be effective in targeting problem areas like the hips, waist and thighs while simultaneously tightening the arms and chest.

Improves sports performance:
Electrical muscle stimulation is widely used by athletes and fitness trainers to improve strength and athletic performance. Even athletes can only activate about 35% of their muscle fibers, which may stem from muscle guarding caused by a previous injury, disease or neural inhibition. Electrical muscle stimulation can activate up to 100% of a person’s muscle fibers of a particular type. Simply put, it helps them to lift more, run longer, jump higher and recover faster.

Body Shaping:
As EMS helps in muscle activation and facilitates reduction of fat, it also helps in toning and shaping of the body. It also helps in firming of the skin, which can help combat cellulites as well.

If you’re interested in opting for EMS as a tool for pain relief or weight loss, we have a team of experts at FCBS to guide you through suitable options and proceed safely. To learn more, you can contact us at or call us at +971526457085.

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