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9 Secrets to Get a Flat Stomach during this Summer Vacation

9 Secrets to Get a Flat Stomach during this Summer Vacation

07/02/2017 Weight Loss

A flat and well-toned belly is a dream of many girls. For this just concentrating on your eating habits will not come to much of a help. Instead try these secrets tricks to start seeing the difference from 15 days.

Eat foods rich in monounsaturated fats:
Monounsaturated fats are not just good to withstand against diabetics and heart disease but they count to be a part of healthy diet. Olive oils, nuts and seeds, vegetable oils, dark chocolates are best source of monounsaturated fats. It has the will power to burn belly fat.

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Reduce Stress:
Don’t be too worried about anything, including your body structure. Be relaxed, stay calm. Listen to some music and watch TV shows. Stress will cause hormones to take control of your body. This can result in cravings for sugar and fat substances.

Walk and Talk:
Try to find an exercise buddy or plan for a walk with your friends instead of finding some space in coffee shops to chat. Our body is likely to work 104% harder if we have a partner to exercise with us.

Get time for Cardio:
Aerobic exercise is the best option to burn belly fats quickly. Even the visceral and deep belly fat will be burnt through aerobics and it’s a quite natural way to lose excess fat from all over your body.

Consume more fiber:
The more fiber consumption is lesser will the belly fat. 10 grams of fiber can bring down 4% of your belly fat. Best products for fiber are apples, pinto beans, artichoke or broccoli. Continuous consumption of this in small quantity will help you see the difference on your stomach.

Reduce consumption of salt:
Bring down salt consumption in everything you eat and drink. This will not just benefit in getting a flat stomach but also helps for bettering body completely.

Add Avocados to your diet:
Half avocados have more than 10 grams of monounsaturated fatty acids. This will help in controlling blood sugar and starts removing fat from your belly. Just ¼ cup of avocados a day will help in losing belly fat easily.

Avoid Soda:
All the carbonated drinks’ bubbles will end up in your stomach; this will cause your stomach to bloat. All carbonated drinks have substances that can help you to gain weight. Cut soda consumption the minute you decide you have a flat tummy.

Grab your friends for outdoor activities:
Learn to tone up your body through outdoor games. Get your friends and cousins to start playing tennis, badminton and swimming. Get some good exercises to your arms and legs. The reflection of these will be seen on your stomach within couple of months.

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