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A human body has a Unique and Natural way of Detoxification

A human body has a Unique and Natural way of Detoxification

06/12/2016 Weight Loss

Whether we like it or not, every day we accumulates toxins that carried out inside your body , the fact environment can affected our food through pollutions & chemicals—Our body constantly exposed to toxins which is very difficult to remove, thus there are so many ways to support a cleansing program in removing detoxification.

Do you know that, “ Massage” can support a cleansing program?

Lymphatic system is the main elimination system we have in our body that we can go on through “LYMPHATIC MASSAGE”.

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It is very important during detoxification process we do a proper strokes that helps absorption of food nutrients, and immensely create a waste disposal system in our body, that clears dietary toxins, water retention and toxin waste, while Detox massage can enhance the body immune system.

—“ Stress affects our body to gain weight”—

Toxic waste is bi products of stress, dead cells & heavy metal.

Detox massage can help you to relax your mind and body, that makes you easy to clean and detoxify.

“ But how massage can help in losing the weight?”

Simple by improving your blood circulation in a certain part of our body/whole body, it allows to improve your body metabolism to make it easier utilization to ex criminate toxin into your body.

Nowadays, massage is the most powerful relaxation through body, mind and spirit; Slimming massage helps to increase local temperature. It relaxes muscle and relieves pain.

Through stimulation of the brain it releases endorphins and serotonin in our body—that’s why there is hormone in our body called “happy hormones”.

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Improving the body circulation increases the oxygen and nutrients where it flushes out the toxins and metabolites in our body., it makes them energetic that utilize the fats.

Massage can also help for weight loss by reducing the stress hormone called Cortisone. (Cortisone is the accumulation of the adipose tissue ).

Massage can reduce fat through some indirect methods to increase nutrients deliver, blood circulation.

Reducing stress can be done as well by meditation, hypnosis, listening to relaxing music mild exercise , such as yoga, walking, swimming & hiking, etc.

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