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Before starting any weight loss treatment, you should read this…

Before starting any weight loss treatment, you should read this…

20/01/2018 Weight Loss

I overhear the conversation of a fat girl in the metro (or you can say well bodied as it would sound less rude). So she was talking to the other person on the phone, talking about her gym membership and protein shakes. She was babbling all the way while chomping on a chicken roll. Once she was done with the conversation and the role, she tells another friend sitting on her right that they’ll have some burgers on the way back. Meanwhile, I wonder how she would actually lose kilos if she goes on like that. If a belly tummy reduction program is on your bucket list, then read this as something like a pre-workout note:
• Firstly, you need to get a straight diet plan. Dieting isn’t some temporary fad; it needs to be a balanced lifestyle. Now you can Google a couple of diet plans, workout plans, plan A, plan B, or whatever plan there is. Stick to one plan. And what needs to be kept in mind is that you’re just a chubby panda waiting to burn some calories, not a yogi that you’ll starve yourself to death or a bodybuilder on a constant dosage of sophisticated-sounding nutrients. Your balanced diet needs to be “balanced” in the literal sense. Models like the popular GM diet can be followed but in control.

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• Gymming seems to be the ‘in thing amongst millennials, but the question is do you actually need to hit the gym. Natural classic exercises like a run or some toe touching and stuff like that; even they can be effective without gymming equipment. Ideally, gyms don’t cater the needs of everyone, but then people wish to spend money, and the gyms wish to make money. Basically, my point is going to gyms to stick to your fitness schedule and not for just clicking selfies and passing the time.
• Next step, get a playlist. Why do Stallone’s Rocky movies feel so motivational when he starts running and boxing? Mainly because of the music; it just pumps you up. While doing your workout or weight loss programs, get some fast-paced beats (something like AC/DC and Eminem, even Bappi Lahiri works for me though).
• Lastly, maintain consistency. If you see some inches worth of waist reduction in your body, that doesn’t mean you laze around for a whole week and help yourself to loads of junk. A well-maintained body and waist reduction is a blessing these days, and it needs to be maintained constantly. And this surely requires effort.

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So being well bodied or fat isn’t something to be ashamed of but if it’s affecting your health, then surely such methods for belly tummy reduction treatment should be considered.