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Body Firming and Toning at FCBS Dubai

Body Firming and Toning at FCBS Dubai

07/08/2017 Weight Loss

The human body begins to lose its elasticity as one grows old, thereby causing sagging of one’s skin around the eyes, cheeks, mouth and neck. Now the process of ageing cannot be reversed, but there are some simple techniques to make the skin look younger. Similarly, there are techniques that are becoming increasingly important too due to increased cases of obesity or due to women being unable to shed weight post pregnancy. In fact, in cases of pregnant women, the skin around the belly becomes loose too. Enter the Body firming and toning techniques- a blessing from modern science to help you not be bounded by your growing age.

Body firming and toning helps in reducing the health risks that are related to obesity. It provides quick weight loss options in a healthy and safe manner and takes care of tightening the skin. These also tend to nullify the sagging of the skin due to ageing thereby help your skin look younger. The treatment is safe and renowned all over the world. Of course the firming and toning treatment works only when done by trained specialists under proper guidance. These treatments are healthy and do not include workouts or dieting. Both body firming and toning, thus enhance your body and are especially perfect for those aspiring to join the modelling industry.


Body Firming Treatment

There are five types of prevalent body firming treatments.

  • Body Toning: this process works by toning one’s muscles. A current in the form of an electrical stimulation is sent through conductive pads that are positioned over specific muscle groups which trigger a visible muscle contraction.
  • Cellulogy Endomassage Vacuum-Roller: It works by means of suction on the surface area of the skin along with a cosmetic ampoule concentrates, which destroys fat and causes lymphatic drainage action.
  • Lipo-Cavitation: It uses cavitation technology which causes a non-surgical attack of hard fat deposits that are permanently stored in the body. In ultrasonic cavitation, no knives or anaesthesia or surgery is required.
  • Mesotherapy: It is a treatment which stimulates the middle layer of the skin. Prepared solutions are injected into the layer to stimulate skin repair. Needle-free alternatives are also there. The solution goes deeper and nourishes the skin from the inside with its vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants and hence increase increases the skin metabolism. The individual’s skin glows.
  • Radio Frequency: These treatments heat up the tissue and enhance blood flow by breaking down cellulite and fat by means of radio frequency. The energy heats the skin to break down the fatty cells and to enhance the collagen production. This will improve skin tone and elasticity.

Most of these techniques are safe. However, if done under improper guidance, dangers of autoimmune diseases, Botox and wrinkle fillers, cancer, cardiac arrhythmias, diabetes, epilepsy or even muscle weakness, may occur. Some of them may be costly too. But if undergone under a proper treatment centre, the cost is worth the benefits it provides.

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