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Different types of weight loss treatments

Different types of weight loss treatments

31/01/2018 Weight Loss

In a world and time where obesity counts as a matter of importance in a nation’s strategy, it is an alarming wake-up call for everyone who is a part of it. In such a scenario, it is essential that one eats healthy and remains well within the advisable limits in terms of weight. One can either choose to put themselves under the knife or go the extra mile – literally. Either way, here are few helpful weight loss treatments that might help you keep a watch on that tummy

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The Diets

Diets are a massive chunk is probable methods that can be undertaken as weight loss programs. The number of listed diets in the world as of now is an endless list. However, here are the most popular ones

  • The Atkins’ Diet The atkins diet is a diet that one undertakes in order to keep their insulin under control. Since risen insulin levels force the body to consume energy from the food intake instead of the fat deposits, it is important to keep that under control. Therefore, this weight loss program involves less or no carbohydrates and more of proteins and fat. However, like every other diet, it comes with certain risks – the diet takes some getting used to and therefore, in the early phases of the diet, may cause fatigue, dizziness and other weaknesses to name a few.
  • The ‘Keto’ Diet The keto diet short for ketogenic diet is best known for its use of fat as fuel to run your body. It advises to up the intake of fat and cut down the intake of carbohydrates so that the body turns to fat to run itself. This way all the fat deposits are spent up as energy and one is left with a faster metabolic rate. Since this diet is also drastic its initial side effects include fatigue and weakness.
  • The vegan Diet Although officially a form of consumption, veganism is one of the healthiest alternatives to your current lifestyle. Switching to veganism implies no animal products whatsoever. Therefore availability is an obvious problem with this otherwise perfectly healthy choice for a lifestyle.

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Surgical procedures are the lesser advisable among the different kinds of weight loss treatments that exist. Here are some of them that are widely known.

Bariatric Surgery

It is a medical surgical procedure that involves a variety of surgeries that are employed to reduce a significantly overweight person’s body weight, thereby improving their metabolic rates and preventing diseases like type II diabetes.


Although on the decline of late, liposuction has been a very essential procedure in the weight loss industry as it is fast and hassle-free. It involves sucking out fat from one’s body, leaving the individual with the lesser fat percentage. However, the changes post liposuction are not as significant as any other procedure.

It is becoming more and more difficult to follow and adhere to a healthy way of life. However, needless to say that it cannot be ignored. Here’s to the hope of a healthy world in the coming days.

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