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Health Concern by FCBS

Health Concern by FCBS

12/12/2016 Weight Loss

“People experiencing Low and High Blood Pressure, thus it has common symptoms”.

Low blood Pressure or ANEMIA: is a condition which occurs, due to reduced hemoglobin levels. Anemia can be hereditary in children’s, and in adults it could be because of bad diet regime, during pregnancy especially in the evening time. There is a  possibility of headache, yellow skin.

There are different kinds of anemia, from which the most common is Iron deficiency anemia. The main cause is deficiency of iron in the diet. As said before during pregnancy also it may happen, at that time iron tablets are given and if required injections can also be given. This has to be decided by the doctor treating you. Taking care of the diet is very much important to eliminate this issue.

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Vitamin C is required for better iron absorption, if you are consuming iron rich foods and not eating vitamin C rich foods with it. Then there is less absorption of iron.

Iron rich foods:

Liver, Oyster, Chickpeas, Fortified cereals, Pumpkin seeds, Soya beans, Beans, Lentils, Cooked spinach, Sesame seeds, Dried fruits such as raisins and apricots, Seafood.

There should be a combination of Vitamin C with these Iron rich foods:

Orange, Lemon, Bell pepper, Kale, Broccoli, Strawberries, Grapes, Kiwi, Guava, Tomato, Peas, Papaya, Dark leafy greens, Sunflower seeds, Nuts, Avocado, Shell fish, Plant oil, Pumpkin.

Normal levels for hemoglobin as per age group:

WHO’s Hemoglobin thresholds used to define anemia (1 g/dL = 0.6206 mmol/L)
Age or gender group Hb threshold (g/dl) Hb threshold (mmol/l)
Children (0.5–5.0 yrs) 11.0 6.8
Children (5–12 yrs) 11.5 7.1
Teens (12–15 yrs) 12.0 7.4
Women, non-pregnant (>15yrs) 12.0 7.4
Women, pregnant 11.0 6.8
Men (>15yrs) 13.0 8.1


Always consult a doctor before treating anemia. If the doctor suggests that it should be treated by medication or injection then kindly go with his advice. On a regular basis we can always take care that we consume iron rich foods with combination of Vitamin C.

There is one more solution to it, drink milk with turmeric in combination; this also helps in increasing the hemoglobin level in the blood.


In case of anemia, it’s always good to take care from the start, don’t wait for the situation to get bad. Eating one orange everyday will also help you maintain the intake of vitamin C. Eat Iron rich foods on a daily basis and save yourself from the word ANEMIA.

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