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How Can Weight Loss Help in Combating Diabetes?

How Can Weight Loss Help in Combating Diabetes?

10/02/2020 Weight Loss

Correlation between Diabetes and Weight Loss

Diabetes and weight loss are the yin and yang of optimal well being; an overweight person having type 2 diabetes can easily lower their blood sugar simply by tweaking their lifestyle choices. Nearly 9 in 10 people diagnosed with type 2 diabetes are said to be overweight. While for some, losing weight has helped to completely reverse the condition, for many others it has had a big impact on reducing the risks of complications. Moreover, it has helped patients reduce their need for medication as well as manage or prevent health problems that often come with the condition.

Diabetes is caused when the blood has excessive sugar, which happens when the pancreas does not produce enough insulin, or when the body fails to use insulin as well as it should. Since sugar cannot move into the cells, it builds up in the blood instead. An obese person’s body would need two to three times more insulin than the average body, which is much higher than the pancreas is able to make. Since insulin resistance is so closely associated with obesity, shedding some extra pounds helps the body to use insulin more efficiently.

Benefits of Weight Loss

Reduced risk of vascular damage: Diabetes and chronic vascular inflammation often go hand in hand and can further lead to atherosclerosis — a plaque buildup in the arteries. Studies have shown favorable effects of exercise on inflammation markers.

Lower risk of sleep apnea: Diabetes also plays a huge role in increasing the risk of sleep apnea, a serious breathing disorder. A study in July/August 2013 (source: Family Medicine Journal) stated that as many as half of all adults with diabetes are prone to sleep apnea. Weight loss can help develop better sleeping patterns. 

Improved blood sugar control: Carbs have the greatest effect on blood sugar. Following a diabetes-friendly diet can help keep blood sugar in check. For instance, whole-grain breads and vegetables that have fiber would be a better choice of diet than starchy or sugary carbs.
A diabetic patient is also more likely to keep off from gaining weight this way if they are not too active. Although, keeping a check over blood glucose levels when losing weight is the key because glucose levels can reach very low or high levels. It is usually safe for those with diabetes to cut down about 500 calories a day.

The Right Balance for Diabetes and Weight Loss

Weight loss can be challenging for someone with diabetes. However, a few changes in the daily routine makes a great difference. A healthy diet combined with a proper exercise plan helps to speed up the weight loss process. Exercise helps to manage cholesterol and blood pressure, control blood sugar levels, and prevent health complications. Meanwhile, avoiding processed foods that contain unhealthy fats or too much sugar — such as white rice, canned fruits, fried foods, refined flour, and full-fat dairy —also helps to combat diabetes.

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