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How Safe are Diet Pills & Weight Loss Supplements?

How Safe are Diet Pills & Weight Loss Supplements?

27/05/2020 Weight Loss

The appeal of losing weight rapidly is hard to resist. Weight loss pills promise a slimmer body in no time. But do these pills really help? Are they as safe as they are shown to be?

Diet supplements intend to burn fat, decrease appetite and boost metabolism. These supplements are sold in the form of tablets, capsules, liquids and powders and contain ingredients like herbs, fibre and minerals. However, unlike drug manufacturers, weight loss supplements do not need approval from the FDA before they are marketed. This is because FDA does not regulate claims made by over-the-counter dietary products. As such, diet supplements are likely to contain ingredients that are contaminated and ineffective.

When it comes to losing weight, there is no miraculous solution. Majority fat burners are not only expensive but also ineffective. Rapid weight loss creates physical demands on the body; possible serious risks include increased heart rate and high blood pressure. It also causes side effects like stomach discomfort and changes in bowel movements. Although some dietary supplements do contribute to weight loss, the results are usually modest. So far, only ingredients like caffeine, orlistat and green tea extract have the most research to back up their claims.


Choosing a practical approach to weight loss

We, at FCBS Dubai, offer weight loss treatments that are both non-surgical and proven to provide optimum results – all without having to pay exorbitant prices. Our services are based on techniques that have scientific studies to back them up. Our slimming treatments, alongside a healthy diet and regular exercise, help to shed off extra pounds, boost metabolism and tone up the body. They are also effective in improving mood, increasing energy levels and reducing stress and muscle pain.

One of our specializations includes massage therapies, which help to detoxify the body and skin. These therapies are carried out on problematic areas — like the arms, thighs, tummy, hips and back — to provide concentrated inch loss. With the help of long, gentle strokes and deep pressure rolling movements, our message services are focused on speeding up weight loss while enhancing the skin elasticity and improving the muscle tone. They also help to improve circulation and eliminate toxins from the lymphatic system. Additionally, we offer cellulite reduction services that include body scrubs and pressure point massages as a part of our treatment.

Body firming is another aspect that we specialize in. Under the guidance of trained experts, our slimming procedures involve gel therapy body firming and thermal therapy that are focused on fat reduction around the hip and abdomen areas.

We promote safe and healthy slimming techniques as opposed to crash diets and weight loss pills. To help our clients in efficiently meeting their fitness goals, we also offer complementary custom-made weight loss diets that are based on their nutritional requirements, health conditions and lifestyle.

To know more about our weight loss services, get in touch with our center. Call +971 4 325 5481 book an appointment with us today in Dubai for a full-fledged and satisfying experience.