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How to begin losing weight

How to begin losing weight

23/11/2018 Weight Loss

Today’s world is full of distractions. From social media to news, there is so much happening everywhere. Plus, you have your own responsibilities to take care of. With all of these distractions, many people forget to look after their health. You could be one of those people too.

But you are tired of the spammy diet-charts and workout plans.

Your body is your most precious possession. By keeping it healthy and fit, you will automatically improve many other aspects of your life. You will look better, remain more active and will feel more confident.

But losing weight feels like a herculean task. Many people fail. Some fail to follow their diet while some don’t go to gym as often as they need to. This shouldn’t discourage you because you have what they didn’t.

With the following guide, you’ll discover how to start your weight loss regime. Just as a tall building requires a strong foundation, a great aim requires a solid plan.

Fix your calorie intake

How many calories you consume per day and how many calories you burn are the two most important questions for your dream of losing fat because there are many things that can make one fat.

Your body stores fat because you’re not burning enough calories. But you can’t keep exercising for too long. Because excessive workout has many harmful effects as well.

Instead, you should track your calorie intake. See how many calories you need to consume and how many calories you are eating. Check the nutritional information of every product you eat.

You’ll also want to get the right proteins and carbohydrates. Green vegetables, eggs, fruits and many other healthy foods will help you in keeping your calorie intake low yet sufficient.

For starters, begin tracking your calorie consumption. You’ll start eating healthy automatically.

Keep track of your progress

Nothing feels better than achieving something. Whether it’s winning the first prize for a beauty contest or successfully finishing your workout, every achievement counts.

To stay motivated for your weight loss regime, you should keep tracking your progress. Have realistic expectations and track how much you have progressed on constant intervals.

You can keep track on a weekly basis. For example, you can begin with checking the number of push-ups you do. In the beginning, even a set of 5 reps might seem difficult but as you will practice, doing a 3 sets of 10 reps will no longer be a difficult task.

Tracking your progress will help you in following your goals. You’ll avoid the risk of giving up the goal mid-way like most others do.

You can write down your exercise sessions and/or weight daily or weekly. Keep coming back to them to remind yourself that you’re on your way to success.

Follow a strategic approach

Actions speak louder than words.

You’ll need to follow a strategic approach if you want to get rid of belly fat. By making the necessary changes in your lifestyle, you can make the entire process easier for you.

Here are some of the things you’ll need to do:

  1. Join a Gym:
    Gyms are made for people to exercise It will increase your expenses for sure, but it will help you in getting the right environment to workout in. You’ll meet other like-minded individuals there.
    You’ll also have all the necessary equipment to work with. You can consult with a trainer there to develop a workout plan.
  2. Get rid of Junk Food:
    Remove all the sweets and pizzas from your fridge. Having junk food in your life in the beginning will be a major distraction.

Tell yourself that you’ll eat it later but you don’t need it now. Replace junk food with delicious healthy dishes that’ll keep you healthy without compromising with taste. It’ll motivate you to take the next step-

  1. Get a Scale:
    With a scale, you’ll be able to check your weight whenever you need. Although you don’t need to check your weight daily, a scale will motivate you to stick to your goals.
    You’ll also be able to track your progress and check if you’re making a mistake.
  2. Tell Others:
    When no one knows what we’re doing, we tend to give up faster. Because who cares, right?
    That’s why you should tell others about your aim of losing weight. You can tell your close friends or relatives about your aim.
    They’ll hold you accountable and the stakes will be higher. The best thing to do is to get a workout partner. Find someone who is planning on losing weight and pair up!
  3. List your Goals:
    Write down your goals. And read them daily. They’ll keep you on track when nothing else would work.

It feels great to cross off your goals too. Remember to set realistic goals that are feasible. With fixed goals, you’ll be able to visualize your success with more clarity.


Keep the above points in mind and you’ll have everything you need to start your weight loss regime. Having the right mindset is crucial and they’ll help.

You can start right away.

What do you think about the above plan?

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