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How to loose abdominal Fat(Belly Fat)?

How to loose abdominal Fat(Belly Fat)?

10/01/2017 Weight Loss

Do you have too much Fats—a belly bulge? According to Harvard Health too much fats can harm your body.

There are two types of fats that so called a Subcutaneous Fat which is underlying thru our skin while Visceral Fat you will find it to your abdominal area ,deep surrounded the body organ of a human being.

Visceral Fat can lead you to a metabolic disturbances and decreases a heart deceases, prolong to diabetes- increases blood sugar and Breast Cancer for women, increased LDL or Bad cholesterol to your body.

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How will I get RID of this Belly Bulge?

  • Give your self a well balance diet and regular exercise.
  • Make a daily run, which is good for the heart and do a combination for weight and cardiovascular exercise.
  • Maintain a healthy BMI and do strength training to increase the muscle mass hence can burn more fats.

Exercise to reduce abdominal Fats

  • Sit in such a manner that tights and upper torso form a V Shape, with the lower legs crossed and lifted and hold a 5 pound dumbbell – swivel it left to right and back while maintaining the V Shape.
  • Lay on with one knee bent and the other extended the foot facing the ceiling , one arm outward and the other towards the body, then raise your hips.
  • Lay on the back face up and hand behind the head and the knees, bent to 90, then lift the shoulder and crunch up and raise the legs to 45 and hold 5 sec.
  • Lay on back with knees bent to 90 angle and feet lifted, then tighten your abs and in hale ,then lift arms up and back over the head scale and swing arms forward and straighten as legs.

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What are the other ways to loose fats ( Abdominal Fats)?

You can loose fats by means of machine — G5 Vibrator Massage, to mobilized the fat cells followed by vigorously manual massage with anti cellulite oil and hot steam.

Use a Firming pack, to improve tone and make abdomen more firm and tight in 45 min.

Thermal Machine or the Heat Wrap, your body circulation will improve and increases metabolism that helps to burn fats. Person will be sweating as she do 45 minutes brisk walking exercise.

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