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Make People Wonder How You’ve Lost Weight by Changing your Dressing Style

Make People Wonder How You’ve Lost Weight by Changing your Dressing Style

30/01/2017 Weight Loss

We all have had that moment in life when we have not lost weight but people around us believe so. This is simple because of the outfit we were in on that particular day. Yet, with right choice of clothing you can look skimmer. Here are some easy tricks to help you have a new and better look.

Avoid horizontal stripped dresses:

If you’re aiming to look slimmer, then start avoiding clothes with horizontal strips. This will make you look widen. Instead pick some vertical stripped tops and skirts to make you look slim and tall.

Invest in Shape-wears:

Don’t settle with available shape-wears in nearby store. Do some research to pick be quality once that will help you in shrinking your body fat and will give an attractive structure. Avoid think shape-wears, look for something that is thin and offers perfect grip.

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Wear Black:

There is no doubt; black will make you look slimmer and thinner. Add more black to your wardrobe to not just help you look slimmer but also to add elegance to your dressing. Black has its own beauty which no other color can compensate.

Pick some Skinny belts:

Cinch tunics and dresses can be zipped with skinny belts; this will help in define the waist to a flattened look. Thick belts on the other hand will cut your style into half and will make you look stumpy. Also contract colored belts will help in offering classy and stylish look as compared to having it there as an extra piece.

Try Nylon stockings with control tops:

Control tops will stretch over to your stomach to offer the midsection a flat look. And the nylon stockings will hold the thighs and hip tight and comfortable. This will not just offer smooth look but will also give skinnier look with skirts and dresses.

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Buy right sized clothes:

Firstly, pick right sized clothes, too tight clothes will make you look stuffed into the dress and too lose clothes will make you look like you are pregnant. Spend time to try your dress before paying for it. Also find a tailoring friend who is easily available to help you with quick alternations in case you feel you have lost or gained weight.

Bring some bright and rich colors to your wardrobe:

Bright colors will give you flattering looks and will bring in lot of energy. Dark colors have slimming effect on the body, thus get your wardrobe right mix of dark and bright clothing. If you feel you have excess weight in the lower part of the body, wear dark shaded skirts and pants and contrast it with some bright and multi-colored tops and tunics.