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November is Diabetes Awareness Month and World Diabetes Day!

November is Diabetes Awareness Month and World Diabetes Day!

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“Have you ever experience of too much thirst? And so annoying feelings of keep urinating that makes you uncomfortable? These are the sort symptoms that you might have a Diabetes”.

Diabetes was a metabolic syndrome, were the sugar level in the blood increases or sugar level decreases (low sugar) . Having a Poly urea (Increased Urination), Polydipsia (Increased Thirst), Poly Phagia (Increased Hunger) was the common sign that we know that we are diabetic. There are some minor symptoms for such wounds not healing fast, Itching in the body, headache & Blurry Vision.

A person who diagnosed with diabetes must take care of their sugar level to be away from a possible complication may arise to your body. A massive monitoring must be at present in order to be away from Hypoglycemia/ Hypertension ( BP)/ Dislipidemia (Cholesterol level) and CVD Death ,close to heart attack, Stroke, blindness and such eye problem. It may also lead to some kidney disease and Amputation.

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The diabetes level should take a regular check up to understand if the level can be under control or not, either by a machine at home or do it at a pathology lab every 3 months (we can do the fasting, PP & HBA, C) HBA, C test gives us an average of the blood sugar in past 3 months.

There are three major categories in diabetes:

  1. Types 1 diabetes mellitus (loss of insulin production) also called juvenile diabetes (common in children),
  2. Type 2 diabetes mellitus (Insulin resistance) this is seen commonly in everyone suffering from diabetic,
  3. Gestational diabetes (same as type 2). It’s mainly seen in pregnant mothers. After the delivery either the lady will not suffer from diabetes or it will stay with her lifelong.

Diabetes can also be genetic,

Diet:– Medicine – Needs to be taken as per your doctor’s prescription.

Diet plans a major role in the life of a person suffering from diabetes mellitus. One most important factor is to maintain a healthy weight. Obesity is one of the major issues to give medical complications in our body. In diabetic patients there is a lot of possibility of sugar levels going down (hypoglycemia). So these patients must consume food on a regular basis, in a gap of every 2 hrs. This helps us maintain the sugar level and also increase the basal metabolic rate (energy spending capacity of the body). The patients need to consume a healthy diet as per their calorie requirement. Always consult a dietitian before following a diet.

  1. Eat minimum 2 fruits per day (avoid mango, banana, grapes, chikko, pineapple, & sitafal on a regular basis) the glycemic index of these fruits are high so they increase the blood sugar.
  2. Salad needs to be consumed both in lunch & dinner (avoid vegetables like potato, yam, sweet potato, raw banana).
  3. Water intake should be minimum 3 liters/day.
  4. Avoid taking sugar-free in your tea & coffee that you consume.
  5. Oil intake has to be half litre/per month/person.
  6. A healthy breakfast has to be done everyday within one hour as soon as you are awake.
  7. There should be consumption of complex carbohydrates like cereals, chapatti (roti), brown rice, quinoa, buckwheat, broken wheat (as per your dietitian’s recommendation).
  8. Salt intake also needs to be monitored, not more than 1 tsp/day. Avoid eating table salt.
  9. Proteins are equally important to maintain healthy muscles in the body, so there can be lot of options (chicken, fish, egg white, dal, pulses, sprouts, lentil, and paneer) as per your diet.

Daily aerobic exercise or brisk walk for 45 to 50minutes will help you to maintain your blood sugar & also help you in reducing weight if you are overweight.

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